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Counting I Love You’s

Posted on: August 18, 2008

I decided to count how many times my son said I love you today. Obviously I can’t finish counting because he left so early. He started the morning before getting out of bed by saying I love you to me. Usually he tells me to wake up it’s a beautiful day. But today was different. I guess he felt I needed to hear it. Before  he had left a little bit before 10am he told me the words I love you a total of 5 times. I never get tired of his I love you’s. I love you is one of the most important three words in the english language. Last night I had ask my 5 year old what I love you meant and he said “me and you”. Yes that is what love means to a 5 year old boy.

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1 Response to "Counting I Love You’s"

Sometimes, I LOVE YOU is the word that we need to hear, an I love you that comes from the heart of a person that we know that truly means it, That even do that person does not know the meaning of love, can still make our heart jump of happiness when we hear those three magical words.

I love you gives you strength to move on, to keep on, because your son is worth it!


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