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Love Poems

Posted on: September 12, 2008

I have never had a man write me a love poem. I know that I have written more than a few poems in my lifetime. I looked over a few of them last night. They were poems that I had written to my second son when he was about six years old. He is now fourteen. When he comes back from high school today, I will show them to him. The words I write express the way that I feel at the moment. I remember being introduced to the world of poetry in Catholic grade school. In third grade I remember making a little booklet with Japanese poetry in it called haikus and tankas. I colored the pages with bright markers. My dad took me to a local travel agency to get brochures on Japan. I remember pouring through the brochures to find the perfect pictures. I probably still have that booklet somewhere in the crawl space. Collecting dust or turning into dust itself. I have notebooks filled with a lot of my poetry. The last time I recall it was over 2,000. Some day I hope to publish them. I want to share a part of my life, thoughts, and emotions with the world. But for now it is a dream……….


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Today, I was searching “Love Poems” on the WordPress sites. Your site and comments caught my attention. You mentioned a man never wrote you a love poem. If you will take time you will find love poems about different loves in my own life. Perhaps, there will be one of two, you will be able to relate to. Blessings.

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