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Nurses Need To Mentor Their Young

Posted on: September 22, 2008

When a new nurse is hired on, I believe that a good mentor should be assigned to help them make their transition smoother. I remember nursing students being on the labor and delivery unit. It was the change of shift and I had just given report to the day shift about a woman who was having a miscarriage of twins about 19 weeks. Her call light went off and the nurse I had just given report to didn’t get up. She sat at the nurse’s station drinking her coffee and picking her nails. I got up and two nursing students came with me. The patient stated that she needed to go to the bathroom. I knew that her babies were coming. I put her on the bed pan. Out came the first lifeless twin. I had one of the nursing student go and get the patient’s new nurse for the day. The day shift nurse came in and proceeded to rip the underpads off the patient. One of the nursing student got bloody bodily fluids on her white uniform pants. She continued to help me while the other nursing student went to get some towels. I then took the nursing student into the female doctor’s lounge. I told her never to behave like my coworker just did. I told the student that there was a right way to remove the wet underpads. Roll the patient over and then roll the wet underpads while placing the new ones underneath. It just that simple there is always a better way. Rather than rushing think first I told the nursing student. There’s a difference between a good nurse and a bad nurse I told the young student. Aim to be the good one. Listen to what your patient tells you. Be the patient advocate. Nurses need to be a support system for new nurses. Maybe that will cure the nursing shortage.


2 Responses to "Nurses Need To Mentor Their Young"

i like your post..some nurses in the hospital are intimidating and they are terror..hehe..I’d rather not do anything not to commit any mistakes because it’s life we are serving. there’s no room for error..

Yes, nurses seem to eat their young, not mentor them. I am currently a nursing student and just finished my OB clinical of 8 weeks. Nursing school is hard. Some encouragement from the nurses we are in clinical with would be great. One of the OB nurses I worked with did just that. She told her manager, in front of my clinical instructor, that she wanted to be the person to orient me when I was hired because I was going to be an excellent nurse. Now whether or not that was totally genuine, it was wonderful to hear and will go along way towards helping me through the next 1 1/2 semesters I have to go to finish school. What a boost. This is so much better than the reaction by one of my classmates about the nurses she had worked with at clinical. She said “If I’m going to end up like those nurses, I think I should reconsider my career choice”.

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