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You Can Be A Mother And A Nursing Student Too

Posted on: September 22, 2008

In 1985 I was accepted in associate degree Nursing program. My son was four at the time. I remember taking him to college with me. They had a daycare program there that fit my budget. I was working at the time at a local hospital as a nurse’s aide. Back then I didn’t need a college degree to be a nurse’s aide as some states have that as a requirement now. Being a nurse’s aide gave me an advantage over the other nursing students. I remember my medical surgical instuctor asking me if I could handle a difficult patient with a list that was 10 pages long with details on his condition and medications. I said yes. I remember her handing it to me and it unraveling onto the floor. The other nursing students gasped in horror. I remember several of them helping me that day turn the man every 2 hours. They told me they were glad that I had him and not them. Nursing is not about picking and choosing who you want as a patient. It’s not taking the most easiest patient. It’s about being challenged to your fullest extent. It’s about learning to handle crisis situations with both the patient and the family members. It’s about holding an old man’s hand as he is dying and he has no family to be with him at his final moments of living. It’s about caring and sharing a human life changing experience. Being a nurse takes the dedication that only a mother would know. As mothers we are attentive to our children’s every need. Just like a nurse attentive to her patients needs. Whether it is oral hygiene, wound care, or passing medications. A nurse’s job is that of a caregiver. Just like a mother’s job is for her children. I loved being a nurse. I love being a mother. Yes you can be a mother and a nursing student/nurse too.

3 Responses to "You Can Be A Mother And A Nursing Student Too"

oh how i wished I’ll be like you..I graduated with a degree in nursing but i don’t want to work in the hospital..i feel like I’m not competent enough

The hospital will train you in what ever field that you would like to be in. I think that’s what makes nursing so flexible. When I graduatied from the nursing program, I worked at the same hospital I was a nurse’s aide. I was 24 at the time. I felt overwhelmed at first. But I learned the skills necessary to do my job in an acute care long term hospital setting. I worked there for one year and then worked at a different hospital in Labor and Delivery. At first I didn’t feel confident. Confidence comes with time. Find a good mentor. You will be the nurse that you have always wanted to be. Just believe in yourself.

Thank you for sharing that..I hope someday i can do that..more power to you and God bless. I just want to tell you although this is nothing important to you, I’m going to take the board exam this coming November..
Take care and Good luck

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