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Angels Are Every Where

Posted on: October 4, 2008

I started out my morning frantically looking for my car keys. I couldn’t find them any where. I tore through my purse. I looked in my jacket pockets. Finally I decided to get the spare keys. That was an adventure within itself. I had to look through a different purse to find them. While driving to the bank, I reached in my purse for my driver’s license and found my first set of car keys. A thought crossed my mind….. YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES!!!!  I took it as a nudge from God. Yes, I have to admit I have been looking at my life from the wrong perspective. I have been seeking comfort and healing in the wrong places. The truth is…. True comfort comes from God. I have failed miserably in asking God for help in my daily needs and desires. I have been afraid to ask for help. I put myself in this position. I can get myself out of it. Wrong thinking…. It’s stinking thinking. For so long I have been hiding the truth from myself……I am afraid of being alone. But I realize now I am never alone…..God and his angels are all around me. While waiting in line at the bank, I started to flip through a local paper I had in the car. Lo and behold my eyes were fixed on the words…..In Tough Times Many Americans Turn To Guardian Angels. A guardian angel does not have to be a heavenly being or entity. I met a guardian angel this morning at the post office. After mailing some bills, I walked our the post office past a Lion’s Club member. I thought to myself…..turn around and give him your loose change in your jacket. I went up to the man and said “Here’s some change….it’s not much I am not working.” He asked me how many children I had and gave me four tootsie rolls for them. We continued to have a conversation about my semi truck accident and my inability to work at this time. Finally he said that the local Lion’s Club might be able to help me. He didn’t say how and I didn’t ask. I am just grateful for the offer for help. He took my name and phone number down and said he was going to give it to the President of the Lion’s club. Yes I believe angels are every where. I believe ordinary people can be angels. I found my guardian angel today. Thank God I was in the right place at the right time.


2 Responses to "Angels Are Every Where"

i truely believe that we all have guardian angels sent to watch over us, both human n spiritual. i m grateful for that. thank you for your story.

I also believe in angels and have had a few experiences I would attribute to them as well, but I don’t think ordinary people can be angels. I think angels are angels and people are people and God can use both groups in a multitude of ways to help each other. I like your story and I think you’re right to attribute this help to the divine. I think we don’t give the divine near enough credit!

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