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New Year’s Eve on a maternity ward can be filled with lots of fun and excitement. I remember one year when I was charge nurse our hospital had the first baby of the New Year. My patient beat another mother by just a few minutes. I remember another year when a patient and her husband called the entire staff into her room for a champagne toast at midnight. All of us declined until the end of the shift when we were off duty. There were many a time when we would go from room to room and wish everyone  a Happy New Year  wearing our New Year’s hats and blowing party whistles. I wonder what it will be like this year. Usually after midnight, the phone calls would come in from other hospitals to see if any patient was close to delivering. Sometimes the other hospitals would call to say that they had the first baby. My wish for all mothers on New Year’s Eve is this…..May you be blessed.

Need something to do? Consider knitting a baby hat for a local hospital. There are many infants who are born to mothers who cannot afford essential baby items. Give the gift of warmth this season. 

I love the way this shawl looks. The pattern is fairly uncomplicated. Although I have attempted to start it a few times, I always seem to get distracted and forget where I left off. That or some how an extra stitch finds its way into a row. That when I rip, rip, rip. I am using a yarn by Red Heart called Monet.

I gave you a gift today…..You didn’t need to unwrap it. It was right before your eyes. Today’s gift was different than any other you have every received. I gave you an hour of my time. You could have ignored me. But you came. You came to celebrate my birthday. I heard your wishes and desires. Your burdens and your sufferings. I saw you today and what you did. You wept silently and then I knew….I had to hold you in my arms. I will give you more than you will ever need. I will free you from your pain. I gave you a gift today….. I gave you comfort….I gave you peace….I gave you hope….I gave you joy. Did you not see it in the baby’s eyes? Did you not see it in the old man next to you. I came to give you a new life. I am the greatest gift of all. You cannot return me. I am always present. Just believe.

Have you ever picked up a book and opened a page and out popped out words that spoke to you? The following is a quote from The Dalai Lama’s Little Book Of Wisdom….May I be gladdened when someone belittles me, and may I not take pleasure when someone praises me. If I do take pleasure in praise then it immediately increases my arrogance, pride and conceit; whereas if I take pleasure in criticism, then it will at least open my eyes to my own shortcomings.

I take great pleasure in the constructive criticism that I receive. It opens up new pathways to a better me. Many of the paths that I have been on have led me to where I am at today. I can say that I am in a better place right now. I have all that I need and then some. Sure money would be nice to have but I don’t need it to make me happy. I have a family, a home, a car, a new love in my life. What would I change if I could do it all over again? I would have waited……. I would have never grown up too fast. I would have gone away to college. I would have dated the next door neighbor who turned out to be a NASA engineer. Would haves, should haves, could haves. It’s all in my past. I only have today. It is worth more than gold to me. In the year 2009, I will be taking an experiment….Come and join me won’t you. After all we all have secrets…..I’d like to share this one with you.

Today has been my busiest day since I started my blog in August 2008. It has had 111 hits so far. I like the number 111. Here is an explanation of why I like it:Whenever you see the sequence 111 or 1111 show up, it is a great sign of a golden opportunity. Both sequences mean that a “doorway” has opened up in which your intentions and goals will manifest extremely quickly. The Angels have taught me to focus my thoughts and intentions whenever I see 111 or 1111, almost like making a wish when a cake with candles is presented to you.

In  a matter of time…. All will be shown to you. All you need to do is ask. Set forth a path in motion. Ask the universe for the answers to your deepest desires. What you seek… will get. Be careful what you ask for. If you ask for nothing you will get nothing. You are the key holder. Unlock the mysteries of your heart’s desires. Are you willing to risk it all? Are you willing to expose your wishes and dreams?Someone will listen. Are you ready for a rich and fulfilling future?Do you know the Secret?…..The SECRET lies within you. Just believe.

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