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The Greatest Gift Of Christmas Is Love

Posted on: December 3, 2008

Last year while shopping at a local grocery store, I learned an important lesson in life. I was sitting in the store entrance with my youngest son. We were waiting for my mother to finish grocery shopping. My youngest son was in the truck shaped grocery cart. An elderly woman was talking to him about his driving abilities. She soon left and then I saw my mother. We left the store only to see the elderly woman talking to a Salvation Army bell ringer. I overheard her say this to the bell ringer…….The greatest gift of Christmas is love. Yes, I would have to agree with that statement. Especially now when times are tough. The statement reminds me that it was a mother’s gift of her son to the world. A mother’s gift of undying love. Her son, Our Savior, has given me many gifts. One of which is knowing that I am a child of God. I am number one in his eyes. Just like many of his children. We have a responsibility to spread God’s love to those in need. There are many people who do not realize the true impact that God can bring into their lives. God is love. This holiday season please spread some love to those who need it. Remember that the greatest gift of Christmas is love.


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