Delivery_Queen’s Weblog

The God Of Love

Posted on: December 12, 2008

God listens at all times….. He hears your silent whispers in the night                                                He lights your darkened world
God listens to you when no one else will….He hears your silent pleas in the night
God touches you with the hands of a loving father….He gives you all that you will ever need
God forgives you when no one else will…..He knows that you are truly sorry for all your sins
He will give you the faith that you will need to get through the day
He will show you a better way
Just trust and believe in God above
He loves you unconditionally

God is love…. an ever shining light in your life

God is peace…. in a world of unrest                        

God is joy…. in the eyes of a newborn child

God is hope…. for the hopeless

God is good…. to those who believe


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