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Who Saves Old Cards?

Posted on: December 15, 2008

Strewn about my house in boxes and in books lie many different cards that I have received over the years. This year I managed to throw away the cards that I received from my bridal shower. I have plenty other cards that bring back better memories for me. Many of these cards are from the patients I took care of when I was a Labor and Delivery nurse. When I worked as a nurse, many patients would ask me what I wanted as a thank you gift. I said please do not give me candy….It would just land up on my hips. I would always ask them for a thank you card or letter. I told them that in my most difficult times I would reread the thank you notes and realize why I was a Labor and Delivery nurse. It has been awhile since I have looked at those thank you cards. So same cards now remind me that I am no longer a nurse. I want so badly to go back to my old job but I can’t. This is what hurts the most……The thoughts of coworkers asking me if I am still married and other personal information seeking rumor spreading gossip. I will not be a part of that. I deserve better I tell myself. Some day I will return to the field of Labor and Delivery. But not as a nurse. Maybe I can be a Labor doula or a lactation consultant. For now I’ll sit back and relax. I’ll contemplate on what I really want. I’ll read those thank you cards and tell myself….I really loved my job as a Labor and Delivery nurse.


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