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The Bereavement Cabinet

Posted on: February 28, 2009

I recently talked to a friend that I used to work with on the Labor and Delivery unit. She stated that the cabinet was bare. They have recently had a lot of infant losses. I have a package ready to go to the hospital. There are at least 20 blankets and 10 hats. By no means is it a large hospital, but infant losses happen on a regular basis. On some nights I remember coming on to the unit and seeing two or three mothers who were experiencing the loss of their babies. It never failed that we would be the busiest on the unit with laboring mothers and deliveries. I hated those nights. I meant that I couldn’t give the grieving mom the one on one attention that she deserved. I did my best at those times. Many a time I would let my charting get behind. To me the emotional support of the grieving mother came first. Now that I am no longer working, I still realize that I can make a difference for grieving mothers. My goal this year is to fill the bereavement cabinet with many beautiful blankets, hats, and other items.


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