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Watching From A Distance

Posted on: March 10, 2009

Last night I watched two helicopters arrive and leave from the top of the hospital parking garage I used to work at. It brought back memories again. I remember on quiet nights peering out the window with the coworkers watching incoming helicopters arrive in the parking lot. I would always say……I could never be a flight nurse. I hate heights and turbulence. It seemed like an exciting job though being a flight nurse. Risky yet fulfilling. It takes a special nurse to be one. I could never be one. I am so glad there are other nurses willing to be the special one. I always watched from the distance never believing that I could be anything other than a Labor and Delivery nurse. Today I am not a nurse. I am watching from the outside looking in. Someday I’ll join the medical field once again. Today I am healing the wounds of my past. I watch from the distance. I wait so patiently. I am on my way on a journey of self discovery.


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