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I Am Throwing You A Lifeline

Posted on: March 22, 2009

I watched you drown in a sea of despair so I threw you a lifeline. I sat there and watched you struggle to reach it. All you needed to do was to learn to swim and not sink once again. But once again I came to your rescue. I would never let you drown. I pulled the lifeline back a little and threw it back out to you. This time I watched you touch it. You were afraid to grab it. You thought to yourself…..Why should I grab it now I am just a failure in your eyes. This was my response to you……..

My Child you have never been a failure to me. I have watched you grow in your times of deepest hurt and despair. In those moments I was with you. In the darkest of night I stood watch over you. I watched you cry and I wiped away the tears. There is a lesson to be learned in the pain that you feel right now. Someday you will help others who have walked in your shoes too. Don’t ever think that nobody will understand you. Because I do. Just believe in me I tell you. Listen to my quiet whispers. I breathed life into you. The life you live is going to change at any moment. That’s what life is all about. Moments. This is just another moment to tell you…….I LOVE YOU. So I am throwing you a lifeline today. I hope that you catch it and feel my love surrounding you. YOU ARE MY BELOVED

Here’s a link to a great video……Enjoy!!!!


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