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In life people have dreams of being rich, owning a big house, driving a nice car, etc,etc. But does money really buy you happiness?  Maybe for the short time that you are here on Earth. The true riches I am talking about can only be found at your final destination. I sit here with a book that was bought for me by a friend. He bought it at a bargain of a price at Barnes and Noble for $7.98. It is called The Science Of Success by Wallace D. Wattles. Within the book lies a wealth of information. Here is a quote from Wattles “He must keep in mind the Purpose to get rich through the realization of his mental image. And he must do, every day, all that can be done that day, taking care to act in a successful manner.” I would have to say my big dream started out as a big joke one night while I sat in the nursery of the hospital. It was a busy night for the nursery nurses. Most of the babies were bottle fed that night. I held a baby in my arms and proceeded to give the baby it’s bottle. As always the conversations between the nurses varied and then I said…….Someday I want to be a doula. I told them about a conversation I had with a local doula. She actually made more money than I did for one night of work after taxes. I said something is wrong with that picture. The nursery nurses joked around if they could come and work for me when I started my business. They asked me what I would name my business and I said ___________. Fast forward to today. Today I am close to my vision of owning my own business. There are certain things that need to be done. I have found a great mentor and I am learning something new all the time. The business of childbirth is ever changing. Although the process is the same. The new way is to empower women in the journey through childbirth. Doulas are leading the way.

Did you know that the first week in August is International Breastfeeding Week? The theme is Breastfeeding: A Vital Emergency Response……Are You Ready? Here are the objectives  listed on the site.


  • To draw attention to the vital role that breastfeeding plays in emergencies worldwide.
  • To stress the need for active protection and support of breastfeeding before and during emergencies.
  • To inform mothers, breastfeeding advocates, communities, health professionals, governments, aid agencies, donors, and the media on how they can actively support breastfeeding before and during an emergency.
  • To mobilise action and nurture networking and collaboration between those with breastfeeding skills and those involved in emergency response.


  • Children are the most vulnerable in emergencies – child mortality can soar from 2 to 70 times higher than average due to diarrhoea, respiratory illness and malnutrition.
  • Breastfeeding is a life saving intervention and protection is greatest for the youngest infants. Even in non-emergency settings, non-breastfed babies under 2 months of age are six times more likely to die.
  • Emergencies can happen anywhere in the world. Emergencies destroy what is ‘normal,’ leaving caregivers struggling to cope and infants vulnerable to disease and death.
  • During emergencies, mothers need active support to continue or re-establish breastfeeding.
  • Emergency preparedness is vital. Supporting breastfeeding in non-emergency settings will strengthen mothers’ capacity to cope in an emergency.

Tonight will be the end of the month doula meeting and the educational topic will be about waterbirth. There will be a video shown about the topic. I have decided not to take my five year old son with me. Children are allowed at the meetings but I can’t see myself trying to explain why a birth is happening in the water. When I worked as a labor and delivery nurse, it was frowned on children being in the delivery room while their mother delivered. The youngest person I can remember being in the room was 15 years old. In a way it would be good for children younger than 15 to be in the room. It would be a great form of…… See how much pain is involved in childbirth……..Then again the child might be emotionally scarred for life. Or it could be a great bonding experience for the whole family. After all……Why do they call it a family birth center? Childbirth should be a family centered occasion. Bringing the whole family together for a blessed event.

My dearest little one……You my son are a precious gift. Without you father’s day would have no meaning to your father. Although you  have an older stepbrother……Your father hasn’t seen him in over 8 months by choice. I hope to God that will never happen to you. Both you and your stepbrother have made your father who he is…..your father. What does it mean to be a father? I will never know……..I can only guess what it feels like. But it begins at birth. I know how your father reacted the day you were born. He was very excited. I have the pictures to prove it. The proof is in the pictures. I have many pictures taken by me of you and your father. I cannot destroy them because they are yours to cherish. Although your  father and I are no longer together, I am greatful for him. For without him you would have never been born. Everything happens for a reason. There is a reason why your father is your father and why I am your mother. God planned it this way. Some day you will be a father yourself. If I could give you some advice my son……Just enjoy the every day moments. Cherish each day. Live in the moment. Respect your elders. Learn to forgive and forget. Don’t hold grudges. Have faith. Encourage others. There are many more lessons to learn about life and you will learn them soon enough. For now I am glad that you made your father a father. You my son were always meant to be. You were born out of love. You are my blessed child. I love you so…………. MOM

I attended a three hour post partum doula class last night. This class was an information class so that I could learn how to better serve the new moms at the hospital. I did not like some of the opinions regarding breastfeeding that was given by the post partum doula who gave the class. She has been a certified doula for the past two years. One of the things that bothered me was a comment that she made regarding having a patient say how long they wanted breastfeeding to last. She gave an example of how a woman was complaining that she was sore and wanted to give up. The doula said to her well …..I guess it’s time then. WRONG!!!!!! I responded it’s time to call La Leche League. It was only a month of breastfeeding and there is always time to correct an improper latch. Another comment she made that bothered me was……I never touch the patient. How the heck are you supposed to help a first time mom if you don’t show her how to guide the baby on? When I worked as a labor and delivery nurse I always asked if I could touch them to show them proper techniques. Not once did I have a new mom say no you can’t touch me. Breastfeeding is a learning process for both mother and baby. It takes practice and encouragement. If you are having difficulty with breastfeeding please go to a La Leche meeting or find a certified lactation consultant. Being a new mother can be overwhelming. Remember this…..Others have gone before you and they have survived. I would love to hear about your stories about breastfeeding.

I have been busy making a beautiful fan and feather baby blanket for one of the teen moms I will be taking care of in July. I love the pattern. The shape of it reminds me of ocean waves. I have a meditation that I will be reading to the mother about waves of the ocean. I hope that every time she uses it for her baby she will remember her special day. Childbirth is such a natural process and I want to help laboring mothers get through it as best they can. There have been many times as a labor and delivery nurse where I have guided mothers away from their labor rooms and into a quiet place within. It is what I loved to do. I would ask them questions like…..Where did you go on your honeymoon? Do you like the beach? What would be your ultimate vacation spot? I remember once asking a patient where would she like to be and she said on her horse. I took her on a journey on her horse at the beach riding through the waves. I told her to picture her waves of pain going out the the ocean. I asked her to envision the sights and sounds around her. Every child’s birth is an adventure……..I am blessed to be a part of it once again.

I have been thinking about some of the positive words that I will be using on the laboring mothers lately. Here are a few words that come to mind.

  • Be strong
  • You can do this
  • Follow your body’s urges
  • Let go of your fear
  • This is the day that you have been waiting for
  • You will discover your true inner strength
  • Enjoy each movement that your baby makes before birth
  • You were chosen to be a mother
  • This pain will pass
  • Trust your body
  • You are not alone….I am here for you
  • Let go and let your body guide you
  • This is your moment

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