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Monthly June Doula Meeting

Posted on: June 25, 2009

Tonight will be the end of the month doula meeting and the educational topic will be about waterbirth. There will be a video shown about the topic. I have decided not to take my five year old son with me. Children are allowed at the meetings but I can’t see myself trying to explain why a birth is happening in the water. When I worked as a labor and delivery nurse, it was frowned on children being in the delivery room while their mother delivered. The youngest person I can remember being in the room was 15 years old. In a way it would be good for children younger than 15 to be in the room. It would be a great form of…… See how much pain is involved in childbirth……..Then again the child might be emotionally scarred for life. Or it could be a great bonding experience for the whole family. After all……Why do they call it a family birth center? Childbirth should be a family centered occasion. Bringing the whole family together for a blessed event.


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