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Every minute a newborn comes into this world. At that exact moment a star is born in their parent’s eyes. I have seen the look over the thousands of births that I have been a part of for the past 17 years of my career as a labor and delivery nurse. I look forward to seeing the same starry eyed looked in the new parents faces when I volunteer as a labor/postpartum doula. I started to knit a new blanket to be added to the gift packs that I have been making up. I just multiplied the pattern to make the blanket to be what ever size I want it to be.

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As my blog reaches the one year anniversary mark, I find myself working on a new project. I am quickly reaching the 6,000 view mark thanks to my faithful viewers. For the month of August I am planning to blog about the ABC’s of Labor and Delivery. Take a wild guess all you birth bloggers out there and let’s see what we can do………..

Topic A : AROM  What are some of the funniest stories that have ever happened at the workplace?

I have bnd een busy preparing for a mother and baby reunion with the other doulas that I am working with. I found some really cute woven totes colored pink and blue. Now I have to fill them with some different items. I have 24 bags to fill. I have some odd and end items to put in them  like note pads, ceramic angels, and some candles. I hope to find some cute bibs and bottles and Dollar General and Dollar Tree.  I have some homemade fleece blankets that I plan on putting in the tote bags. I was thinking of putting together some quick and easy recipes on cards that the mothers could use. I can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of the mothers and babies.

I have a new goal in my life. I want to try every different flavor of cheesecake at the local cheesecake store. At last count it was over 42 different flavors. Last night I tried death by chocolate and my youngest son had a big delicious brownie. Sure I could have made him one but he went to the store with one purpose in mind……..Marbles. There is a bowl of marbles in the store that he likes to play with. Last night I had an idea that he could barter with the owner of the store for the marbles he so desires. I watched my son hold a homemade m&m cookie behind his back. He ran to the owner and said “I want some marbles.” The owner accepted is offer and my son ran to the bowl filled with marbles. Life is like a bowl of marbles. Sometimes smooth. Sometimes hard. Sometimes you loose your marbles. When that happens then you have to have a little death by chocolate cheesecake. It awakens your taste buds to the reality of living in the moment of pure chocolate bliss. I’d have to say that I was in my own chocolate heaven last night.

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