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You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Had Death By Chocolate

Posted on: July 3, 2009

I have a new goal in my life. I want to try every different flavor of cheesecake at the local cheesecake store. At last count it was over 42 different flavors. Last night I tried death by chocolate and my youngest son had a big delicious brownie. Sure I could have made him one but he went to the store with one purpose in mind……..Marbles. There is a bowl of marbles in the store that he likes to play with. Last night I had an idea that he could barter with the owner of the store for the marbles he so desires. I watched my son holdĀ a homemade m&m cookie behind his back. He ran to the owner and said “I want some marbles.” The owner accepted is offer and my son ran to the bowl filled with marbles. Life is like a bowl of marbles. Sometimes smooth. Sometimes hard. Sometimes you loose your marbles. When that happens then you have to have a little death by chocolate cheesecake. It awakens your taste buds to the reality of living in the moment of pure chocolate bliss. I’d have to say that I was in my own chocolate heaven last night.


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