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I can only imagine what it will be like on the labor and delivery unit on September 11 th. I will be a part of it since I am on call that day as a volunteer doula. I do not receive any payment for my services as of yet. That is what it means to be a volunteer. It is the stepping stone of a wonderful new beginning. The month of September will be very busy. The plans for the mother/baby/doula reunion are coming along nicely. I have all the items that I will be taking with me as raffle prizes. I can’t wait to meet the new mothers and babies. I can’t wait to hear their birth stories and labor doula experiences. I wonder if last year’s September 11 th baby will be there. September 11th will be a time of remembering what happened to our Nation on that day. It will be a time of reflection. A time of laughter. A time of tears. A time of healing. A time to recovery. A time of new beginnings in the birth of a baby. Life goes on……….

I wish I would have keep a pregnancy journal when I was pregnant with my children. A pregnant woman goes through a lot of changes both mentally and physically. Somewhere in a forgotten shoebox I have a Weight Watcher’s point guide and my weekly weigh in card. I remember being on Weight Watcher’s while I was in my first 8 weeks of my last pregnancy. I had decided that I wanted to lose the weight so that I would not go over the 200 lb mark with the pregnancy. I knew how judgemental some of the nurse’s were on my floor. I didn’t want them to make comments about my weight. I had the most difficult time with my last three pregnancies. The charge nurse would think she was doing me a favor by giving me high risk patients all the way down the farthest hallway of the unit. The worst nights were when I had to take on two laboring women and a high risk patient. I hated those nights. I had developed a system of using different colored neon clipboards to keep track of the different patients. Hot pink for the high risk patients. and green for the laboring patients. I would tape inspirational quotes and prayers on each clipboard. Many times the other shifts would use my clipboards. In September, I will be officially switching roles to being a labor doula. I have been busy lately working on a presentation for teen mothers.

On a recent trip to Walmart, I found the coolest mini personal keychain fans for $1.50. I bought six of them. Two weeks ago, I gave three teen mothers fans and I gave their lamaze instuctor one. The comfort measure lamaze class went very well. I got to meet the young mothers and help them  learn about comfort positions in labor. There are many different things to do in labor to stay comfortable. The biggest suggestion would be ………Change your position. If you are having back labor, the hands and knees and side lying positions will help eliminate the baby rubbing it’s back on yours. The double hip squeeze will also help the pain along with back massages. Hot showers can help you to relax in labor. If the hospital has a birthing chair, it can be placed in the shower for you to sit on while the water hits your back. If you are aiming for a natural childbirth, try bringing your favorite soothing music with you. I recently bought a baby’s lullaby cd featuring words from the book Guess How Much I Love You written by Sam Mc Bratney. Here is a quote from the back of the cd……”Love is not an easy thing to measure- as Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare discover.” How true. The love between a newborn baby and it’s mother could never be measured. How can you measure something that has always been there?

Someone recently suggested for me to apply to be a blogger for a health blog site. My labor and delivery blog was reviewed and accepted by the owner of the web site. I will be writing about pregnancy and fertility. If you have any suggestions on what subjects you would like me to write about please let me know. If you are an author of a pregnancy related book, please feel free to contact me. Although the process of childbirth has not changed over the ages, more and more women want to have the “birth day” of their wishes. Through my work as a labor doula, I hope to empower women to fulfill their ultimate birth plan.

Please keep this in mind……You will need to be flexible with your birth plan. Circumstances can change in labor at any time. Although your plan may not have worked out the way that you may have wanted, a healthy baby is the ultimate outcome.

No matter what you may think….. Your opinion really does matter. I loved receiving patient comment cards or thank you cards when I worked as a labor and delivery nurse. It’s ironic how one negative comment changed my life for the better. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of the comment, I chose to grow from it. 2010 will be a very interesting year for me. This month will be very interesting for me. I have taken blogging  about Labor and Delivery topics to a whole new level. It has prepared me for a future business venture. Yes, money can be made by blogging only if it is done in the right manner. Follow your hearts desire and live your life with a renewed passion. It all starts with a dream. Give birth to a new idea. Let it gestate for awhile. Research it. Live it. Believe it. Dreams do come true from conception to birth. It begins today.

I decided to volunteer for another teen lamaze class on comfort measures. This time I will be bringing a few more gadgets that I have in my Doula bag. I recently bought a nice pink massager at Bath and Body Works

The other item came from Walmart. I will not promote the item because of a recent bad encounter with a sales associate over a clearence item. I will keep you guessing until Wednesday of next week. I am thinking of buying the item for each of the young girls in the lamaze class as a gift from me. Put it this way it is an item that will help get the significant other involved.

Here are some links to some interesting massagers and a few other ideas on comfort measures. HINT HINT……..I will be glad to review and try some of these massagers if you bless me with one 🙂

Three simple words…..Are you pregnant? For some this question may bring happiness for others it may bring sadness. There is nothing like experiencing the result of watching the lines turn pink on the pregnancy test. There is nothing like watching it not turn pink. There is nothing like the joy that a first mom may feel. There is nothing like the disappointment that happens over and over each month when you can’t get pregnant. The birth industry can be a very lucrative business. The fertility business is where the money is at. Countless attempts and months of waiting, wondering, worrying. I have heard of some wild things that women have done to get pregnant. One such incident happened at the hospital I worked at. Lets say that the woman saved lots of money by using a turkey baster. Well it saved money on artificial insemination. I can only imagine what’s in store for the future of childbirth.

I have decided to do this idea of buying the book Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright and giving a Christmas jar to a mother and five children. Her husband recently died from cancer. This year will be difficult for them. The holidays will be difficult to cope without the husband and father that they have loved so much. I have been blessed the past three years. I have been blessed with both the good, the bad and the ugly. But what has come out of the bad accidents in my life will give a young family new hope. New hope in humanity and an anonymous donor…..Me. It’s not all about me but about a family. Family is what life is all about. What happens in life is this. You are born. You experience all that life has to offer both the good times and the bad times. You survive. Somehow through the grace of God and pure miracles you begin to believe that there really is hope. Hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

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