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How To Be Comfortable In Labor

Posted on: August 28, 2009

On a recent trip to Walmart, I found the coolest mini personal keychain fans for $1.50. I bought six of them. Two weeks ago, I gave three teen mothers fans and I gave their lamaze instuctor one. The comfort measure lamaze class went very well. I got to meet the young mothers and help them  learn about comfort positions in labor. There are many different things to do in labor to stay comfortable. The biggest suggestion would be ………Change your position. If you are having back labor, the hands and knees and side lying positions will help eliminate the baby rubbing it’s back on yours. The double hip squeeze will also help the pain along with back massages. Hot showers can help you to relax in labor. If the hospital has a birthing chair, it can be placed in the shower for you to sit on while the water hits your back. If you are aiming for a natural childbirth, try bringing your favorite soothing music with you. I recently bought a baby’s lullaby cd featuring words from the book Guess How Much I Love You written by Sam Mc Bratney. Here is a quote from the back of the cd……”Love is not an easy thing to measure- as Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare discover.” How true. The love between a newborn baby and it’s mother could never be measured. How can you measure something that has always been there?


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