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Reflections Of Being A Pregnant Nurse

Posted on: August 29, 2009

I wish I would have keep a pregnancy journal when I was pregnant with my children. A pregnant woman goes through a lot of changes both mentally and physically. Somewhere in a forgotten shoebox I have a Weight Watcher’s point guide and my weekly weigh in card. I remember being on Weight Watcher’s while I was in my first 8 weeks of my last pregnancy. I had decided that I wanted to lose the weight so that I would not go over the 200 lb mark with the pregnancy. I knew how judgemental some of the nurse’s were on my floor. I didn’t want them to make comments about my weight. I had the most difficult time with my last three pregnancies. The charge nurse would think she was doing me a favor by giving me high risk patients all the way down the farthest hallway of the unit. The worst nights were when I had to take on two laboring women and a high risk patient. I hated those nights. I had developed a system of using different colored neon clipboards to keep track of the different patients. Hot pink for the high risk patients. and green for the laboring patients. I would tape inspirational quotes and prayers on each clipboard. Many times the other shifts would use my clipboards. In September, I will be officially switching roles to being a labor doula. I have been busy lately working on a presentation for teen mothers.


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