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I stumbled across a new magazine that I have never seen before. It looks like it’s been out for a while but I just never noticed it. I picked up magazine Creative Knitting at a local Border’s Bookstore. I absolutely love the layout of the magazine. There are practically no ads in the magazine. There are a lot of fantastic patterns to  try for every knitter. Each project has great instructions to follow and the pictures are fantastic. I am actually thinking of ordering some of the back issues to share with the knitting group I belong to. Right now the ladies are working on prayer shawls for their prayer shawl ministry.

Sunday is the day of the mother/baby/doula reunion. I am so excited to be a part of this. This will be a first of many for me. I have all the items that I will be taking with me and a few special extra items. I want the mothers to feel that they are still special even after they have had their babies. It’s good business. Heck they may even decide just to have another baby just so they can get the freebies. Everyone loves freebies. If more businesses realized that in order to make more business, they need to give a sample of their business. Grocery stores do it all the time. Food sample ladies give a little taste of both new items along with coupons to use with the purchase of the item. The grocery store uses the customers sense of smell, sight and taste in the purchase of the item. For most customers it is an impulse item. How many of you buy impulse items? The best impulse item I ever bought was at a local grocery store. I had to dig through a bin and even had an employee helping me because she loved my idea. It was the Guess How Much I love You CD that I blogged about in an earlier post. Today I will go on a little shopping hunt to find two books to add to the two cd’s. It will make a lovely addition to the new baby’s future library. Knowledge is power. It’s important to start children with a love for books and reading. It is the basis for all success in life. Now that’s not a big SECRET.

I have had many encounters with Walmart both good and both bad. But somehow I still keep going back for more. I love buying more for less there. The latest purchase for $1.00, I will go and resell it for $5.00 for a profit of $4.00. What will $4.00 buy me? It won’t buy me a value meal at McDonald’s. It will buy me a drink at the bar but………I try not to drink that’s another long story. Four dollars will buy me more for my buck at Walmart in the form of a $4.00 prescription. Yes woo hoo!!!!!!! More drugs for me to help me deal with the pain from the semi accident. MMMMMM Now who else can I sue. I personally would never sue Walmart. Although I did think about it last year. Walmart needs to look at their HIPPA privacy act and how it makes it difficult for divorced couples to get their children’s medication. Especially if you are the non custodial parent. Never ask them for a new label for a tampered prescription bottle. They just won’t do it. Even if it is just for the information you need in order to call a Dr. back…..Let’s not go further back into the past but step into the future of Walmart. Yes there is a future for Walmart. I believe it. I have seen it. I want to be a part of it. I am a consumer by choice. I do not live on a farm where I can grow my own produce or raise my own cattle. May I make a suggestion Walmart? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a farmer’s market in that great big expansive parking lot of yours? You could call it the IMPACT Farmer’s Market and feature local vendors. Not only would you impact your economy buy that of the local vendor. These times are difficult. Let’s stimulate the economy of every local vendor!!!!! P.S. Tell them Delivery_Queen sent you. They might say…….Why would Dairy Queen send you. It’s an easy mistake but you’ll get a few laughs. Always remember to smile the Walmart way and please do let THE SECRET out of the bag!!!!!

I can’t remember the first time when I fell in love with the store. The first time I ever walked through it I was hooked. It was my addiction all in one store. I loved it. Then one day….. they down sized to a smaller store. No longed could I gaze and drool at the expensive items. No longer could I pick and choose from their big variety. It was much better than Jo Ann’s. I loved the store for the personal and inviting service. The two tables for crafters always had women there sitting and knitting. Not once did I hear any bitching. After all it wasn’t a place to sit and bitch and knit. It was a place to create a personal and meaningful piece of handiwork. This past summer the owner closed it’s doors permanently. I was recently given an opportunity to take over the business. What did I do you might ask? I am first offering it to a friend who has a different vision. But what is holding her back is the money. I on the other hand have discovered THE SECRET…….. You can obtain whatever you want……… Your thoughts are powerful. Do not be quick to judge. When you judge others you are judging yourself. Do not be the first one to cast the first stone. Let the “stone” hit you or dodge it. There is a very simple way to obtain what you have always wanted. It make take sometime for you to learn the technique. You can do it. I know you can do it. Within this blog I have given you a piece to the puzzle. Are you a puzzle maker? Are you willing to put the pieces together or do you just sit there and bitch over your life circumstances? Be like Socrates and think like Socrates. Be your own destiny maker. Find the secret to your heart’s desires. P.S. Let me know when you too have found…..THE SECRET!!!!

I need a lawyer and a really good one who is willing to take on a corporate giant. No this is not related to my ……What kind of lawyer do I need to sue Walmart blog. It’s bigger than that. It will include other people. They will be easy to find…… I won’t be able to find one woman. I might have to put out an ad for her. But I do know this. If she noticed IT. I did too. I told my personal injury lawyer about it and he laughed. No this is not a joke. It’s funny how this incident could occur and the management does not realize it is going on right under their noses. If this keeps up…..they will lose business. This is serious business. In this time of economic difficulties, this business does not need another lawsuit. I am willing to take the risk. I am willing to be a whistle blower. I want to have the courage that Pfizer had when he did what he felt was the right thing to do. His one action brought to light one fact…… the truth. That truth has saved countless amount’s of people from undue and unnecessary physical harm. Bravo to you Mr John Kopchinski. It only took him six years but he was richly rewarded. Will I ever be richly rewarded like him? No….Although I worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse for 17 years, my background would not help me in my lawsuit. The only thing that would help me would be this…… I am a mother to four boys. Three of them under the age of sixteen. I will not ever go to this establishment again. It takes one person to make a business. It takes one person to break a business. I could never break this business. I once worked for this business. Times have changed and values have changed. I respect change. What I don’t appreciate is this….When I take my children into this place of business, I expose them to things that are offensive to me. That is not appropriate to run a family orientated business. But who am I? I am a  wanna be whistle blower mother of four boys and former Labor and Delivery nurse.

In 2006 after quitting my job, I applied for unemployment from a job that I had 17 years vested in. I was unable to collect because I could not work part time at that time. Instead over the past 3 years I have been doing nothing…… Nothing up until now. When I did work, I would always say this “When I retire, I want to be a _________.” I will let you know what the answer is in a future blog. I have been preparing for my return to work in the work force. Instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself, every day I go out and make contact with people. I do this so that I do not lose my people skills. My labor and delivery skills are still there. But they are gathering cobwebs. On September 11, 2009, I will be making my comeback as something brand new….. I will be a volunteer labor doula at a local hospital. If you are a woman, may I make a suggestion to you. Check and see if your area has labor doulas. If they do you need to check out how to become one. It is simple…… No matter what the job you are seeking, you need to research it before you apply for the job. Ask questions. Talk to people who work for the company. Find out the companies mission statement. Know the company. Live the company. Breathe the company. Experience the company. For me….. I have been walking through my next job every other day. I walk the isles. I ask questions. I smile. I touch. I feel. I experience the job that I will be at next. I recently asked someone at this place….How long does it take to hear if you have gotten the job? The response will be one month. Next week will be one month. I have to admit it has been the only job I have applied for since I left my nursing job. This is my dream job… is what I want to be when I retire. I know that this job is coming into my life because I know THE SECRET. Do you? If you want anything in life…..You have to make it happen. Now it is your turn to go out there and find your dream job.

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