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Help I Need A Corporate Lawyer!!!!!!!

Posted on: September 4, 2009

I need a lawyer and a really good one who is willing to take on a corporate giant. No this is not related to my ……What kind of lawyer do I need to sue Walmart blog. It’s bigger than that. It will include other people. They will be easy to find…… I won’t be able to find one woman. I might have to put out an ad for her. But I do know this. If she noticed IT. I did too. I told my personal injury lawyer about it and he laughed. No this is not a joke. It’s funny how this incident could occur and the management does not realize it is going on right under their noses. If this keeps up…..they will lose business. This is serious business. In this time of economic difficulties, this business does not need another lawsuit. I am willing to take the risk. I am willing to be a whistle blower. I want to have the courage that Pfizer had when he did what he felt was the right thing to do. His one action brought to light one fact…… the truth. That truth has saved countless amount’s of people from undue and unnecessary physical harm. Bravo to you Mr John Kopchinski. It only took him six years but he was richly rewarded. Will I ever be richly rewarded like him? No….Although I worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse for 17 years, my background would not help me in my lawsuit. The only thing that would help me would be this…… I am a mother to four boys. Three of them under the age of sixteen. I will not ever go to this establishment again. It takes one person to make a business. It takes one person to break a business. I could never break this business. I once worked for this business. Times have changed and values have changed. I respect change. What I don’t appreciate is this….When I take my children into this place of business, I expose them to things that are offensive to me. That is not appropriate to run a family orientated business. But who am I? I am a  wanna be whistle blower mother of four boys and former Labor and Delivery nurse.


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