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Sunday Is The Day

Posted on: September 12, 2009

Sunday is the day of the mother/baby/doula reunion. I am so excited to be a part of this. This will be a first of many for me. I have all the items that I will be taking with me and a few special extra items. I want the mothers to feel that they are still special even after they have had their babies. It’s good business. Heck they may even decide just to have another baby just so they can get the freebies. Everyone loves freebies. If more businesses realized that in order to make more business, they need to give a sample of their business. Grocery stores do it all the time. Food sample ladies give a little taste of both new items along with coupons to use with the purchase of the item. The grocery store uses the customers sense of smell, sight and taste in the purchase of the item. For most customers it is an impulse item. How many of you buy impulse items? The best impulse item I ever bought was at a local grocery store. I had to dig through a bin and even had an employee helping me because she loved my idea. It was the Guess How Much I love You CD that I blogged about in an earlier post. Today I will go on a little shopping hunt to find two books to add to the two cd’s. It will make a lovely addition to the new baby’s future library. Knowledge is power. It’s important to start children with a love for books and reading. It is the basis for all success in life. Now that’s not a big SECRET.


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