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Every day I play a game called……Talk to three people. Since I am a stay at home mom and a single one at that, I find that if I stay at home I will isolate myself. I am amazed at the people that I have met at the local Walmart. No this is not one of those I caught a weird looking person shopping at Walmart blogs. For the most part the people I have met at Walmart have been very friendly. Last week a customer approached me and asked me if I was a weaver. I replied no. He had seen all the yarn that I had in my cart. I told him I was doing a project for make a difference day. The story goes on and on but the outcome was this……Today he blessed me BIG TIME!!!!!!! I wasn’t even asking for it. All I did was to present him an idea and he saw the value in it. He believed in my vision. I had one of the ladies from my “dangling a carrot” blog with me. I admit I almost gave her a heart attack big time…..”Quick call 911 we have a craft emergency!!!!!!” What kind of craft do you do? What are you passionate about? Never tell yourself……I can’t do it. You are a work in progress. Believe in your abilities. Dig deep to your inner creative self. Live, laugh, love your craft. Most of all remember to have fun doing it. Your craft idea should not be work to you. When that happens, step back and take a break. You deserve it. What comes around goes around. Think positive thoughts. Always wish good blessings on your enemies. Be careful……the universe is listening. That’s the true answer to THE SECRET.

After checking out the local hospital’s new ER, I went to the local pharmacy to get some Tamiflu. Thank God for insurance. It saved me over $100.00. Oh the price of getting the flu. Tis the season for the flu. While at the pharmacy, I ran into an old friend from the Neonatal Unit. I didn’t want to get to close to her since she was there getting a flu shot. I have already been exposed to it. I have the immunity of a nurse still. Thank God for immunity and hand sanitizer. I told my friend that I would be making some hats for the unit and that she should keep an eye out for them. I have some Christmas colored yarn and have decided to make some festive hats for the unit.

Here are some other baby hat patterns too.

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