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I Would Never Want To Be The Head Nurse

Posted on: November 5, 2009

It’s amazing how I have come to the conclusion……..I would never want to be a head nurse. There is too much involved with hospital policies and politics. This is not where the fun is at. The real fun is on the “battle front”. The Labor and Delivery Unit should run like clockwork. This almost always never happens. What happens is this…… Battle cliques are formed. Young nurses vs. the older nurses. Nurses start talking about each other both their private and personal lives. It just happens. That’s life on the battlefront. Who suffers is the patient. Quality care cannot be delivered if the nurse is painting her nails in the nurses station. I saw this with my own eyes. There’s nothing like getting upset watching the day shift with their morning routine. Applying makeup, getting cups of coffee, making personal phone calls all before making first patient rounds. Yes this only happened on my unit. If this has happened to you I would love to hear your stories. I have to say that I do have the makings of a good book….”Hidden Secrets Of Labor And Delivery Nurses: Hiding From The Stork………


1 Response to "I Would Never Want To Be The Head Nurse"

Man I bet! Everything I know about nursing and doctors I know from Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s got to be a little accurate, right?! hehe

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