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I would have to admit that I have been busy preparing for the launch of a new craft idea I have been working on. I stumbled across this blog recently and have decided to donate some of my items to this site.

I have been troubled lately by the comments made by people in the local newspaper. Comments like……..There are starving people in America too. This is not about America. This is about a country devastated by a natural disaster. It could have happened anywhere in the world. But the world chose Haiti. Now nations around the world are helping this country get back on it’s feet again. It will probably take years to rebuild the towns devastated by the natural disaster. To give a new and renewed hope to the hopeless is priceless. To reach out to others is what we are called to do. If you don’t have the finances, consider making a difference in a different way.

Hold a bake sale

Hold a car wash

Ask that your birthday gifts be money……Donate it to a reputable fund

The list can go on and on. Let your creative imagination flow. Hand in hand. Together as one. We can make a difference for Haiti.

January 2010

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