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Sometimes it’s not the labor nurse who is giving an encouraging word but the patient themselves. I recently came across a notepad from work. I had on the very first line these words…… A very wise patient once told me……You are where you belong. It must have been a quiet night that night. I read and laughed at my amusing writing with a friend. Together we remembered the “good” old days. When the old timers, the nurse’s with more seniority, ruled the unit. That is when the younger bunch of us got the worst room assignments. My friend remembers when I would be given the farthest assignments down the hallway. She remembers me waddling uncomfortably carrying my fourth baby. It was a difficult time for me. Yet I survived. Fast forward to today. I told her about a position that’s open for LDRP but…….It’s part time and it’s midnight shift. I have had it with the midnight shift. I worked it for 17 years of┬ámy life. I want a day job. And then suddenly the words came out of my mouth…….I do have a job called MOM. Reflecting back to the words the patient told me…..You are where you belong. Yes, I am. I am where I belong. Right now I am not a labor nurse but I am a mother. I do not get paid the wages of a nurse. I get paid in endless hugs and kisses. Now that is truly priceless.

As I was waiting for my son’s school bus this morning, I thought to myself……. I wonder when am I going to see the first robin. Minutes later I saw one perched up on a tree. It started to burst out in a cheery morning hello to my son and I. All of a sudden I heard my son say……. Mom I think it’s an eagle. I burst out laughing. No it’s not an eagle my son. It’s a robin. I would love to be able to soar like an eagle high above the┬ámajestic skies. But for today I’ll settle for being like a robin……Enjoying a nice spring like day.

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