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Who Am I? I am an average person in this great big world of blogging. I am still discovering who I really am. I have thoughts, feelings and emotions. I am a human being who desires to be understood. I do not like when people ignore me or cast judgement on me. I am a woman. I am a mother. I am a former labor and delivery nurse. I am discovering who I really am. Come along and join me on my journey of self discovery. My life and circumstances are unique. I do not mention names for a reason. Is it real? Is it fantasy? The world may never know.

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Thanks for mentioning and linking
Do you use crafting to help you heal? If so please join us and submit your own story. We’d love to have you!

PS I love your bio!
Be well and be in touch!

I find you’re blog inspirational. I hope to read more. What happen to you? Are you OK?

I am back. I hope I can keep up with the blog inspiration 🙂

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