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When I worked as  a labor and delivery nurse, I met a lot of women from many different backgrounds. So many times these women would hug me and thank me for getting them through their labor. I would always thank them for letting me be a part of their special day. I gave them hope and encouragement. Hope for a new beginning with their new baby. Many of these women were teen mothers. I wonder where these women are in their lives today. I gave them special gifts. I  gave them the gift of encouragement. I would encourage all of the teen mothers I took care of to go back to school. Education is the foundation for  a strong future for both the young teen and the baby she is raising. The key is……Does the young teen have a family who will support her? Many of these girls need strong mentors in their lives. There needs to be more programs set up for this. Once a teen mother has gone back to her old ways of thinking, she is at risk for having another baby. What will prevent this from happening? I would have to call it….. educate, prevent, empower. We need to educate young teens before they even are sexually active. Communication is the key. Parents need to tell their girls about the facts of life. The biggest fact is this. A young teen father will not be around forever. He will feel held down by his new responsibilities. Parenthood is a big responsibility. Teenage boys are not ready for the responsibilities of being a father. Teenage girls are not ready for being a mother but they are learning fast……Being a mother is not that easy.


This was written 10/13/09. Times have not changed and teen pregnancy will always be.

It has been about one month now since I lent out my copy of the book….What To Expect When You Are Expecting. The version that I bought was definitely an older version. But still I felt the contents of the book would help a first time mother. I plan on surprising her with a goodie bag to take to the hospital. One of the items will definitely be the hand held fan that her husband can use on her. Another item will be a cd of soothing sounds. I recently watched a tv show in which the speaker said that a baby is more familiar with it’s mother’s voice. He told the expectant fathers to talk to their wives bellies. I remember when I worked on the Labor and Delivery unit, one of the Doctor’s would do research on the effects of playing different types of sounds during NST tests. The results helped him to make a prototype device that pregnant woman could strap onto their bellies and play different sounds to the baby. It’s amazing how babies recognize the sounds of their mother’s voices. What’s even more amazing is watching a baby “crawl” up his mother’s belly looking for nourishment.


This is an old blog entry that I worked on years ago.

It has been eight years since I left my job. I still think of all the experiences I had. For the most part, other hospital workers would think that Labor and Delivery nurses had cushy jobs. Wrong. Anything and I mean anything could go wrong. Teamwork was a vital component in the labor and delivery process. The teamwork between the nurse and the patient was built on total trust. The patient had to trust that the nurse was trained to do what she was supposed to do. The nurse had to trust the patient and her laboring body’s signals. The nurse has to relay information to the Dr. based on assessments made. Having a baby is a process. A labor of love that will last a lifetime. Somewhere a woman holds her labor of love so gently in her arms. Staring at her baby she tells herself…..”This was worth it.” Labor Day is every day on a Labor and Delivery unit. To all the laboring mothers, I salute you for being brave enough to tackle on your ” Labor Day.”

I was loading up my car with groceries when the lady next to my car said…..”I know you….Didn’t you used to work at the hospital? I responded yes and that I had quit. She said to me …….”You were my favorite nurse.” I had a great conversation with both her and her husband. It’s funny how after almost 4 years since I quit my job people still remember me. I ended up giving her my business card. I know that I will be hearing from her. Although I may not remember all the patients I have ever taken care of, I know that the care that I gave them reflected my core values of a nurse. The patients could see that I really did care for their well being. Sometimes I do get emotional when I think that I can never be a labor and delivery nurse again. Being a labor and delivery nurse inspired me to help at risk young mothers and women who have experienced the loss of their babies through miscarriage or still birth. Yes there are days when I miss that. But for today I am just another ordinary human being.

I recently had a conversation with a friend on the West coast who will be expecting a baby in a few short months. The topic lead to bonding with baby. I asked her if she was going to breastfeed her baby and she replied yes. I would personally have to say that is one of the best things a woman can do for her baby. It can be one of the most personal and bonding experiences a woman will ever have with her child. The next best thing would have to be kangaroo care for preterm infants. Kangaroo care is the practice of when a mother or father of a preterm infant holds the diapered baby on their chest. This promotes skin to skin contact between infant and parent. Another way to promote bonding would be the fine art of baby wearing. Baby wearing using a sling appears to calm fussy babies. The baby is snug in a sling it feels like it is in utero once again.

Sometimes it’s not the labor nurse who is giving an encouraging word but the patient themselves. I recently came across a notepad from work. I had on the very first line these words…… A very wise patient once told me……You are where you belong. It must have been a quiet night that night. I read and laughed at my amusing writing with a friend. Together we remembered the “good” old days. When the old timers, the nurse’s with more seniority, ruled the unit. That is when the younger bunch of us got the worst room assignments. My friend remembers when I would be given the farthest assignments down the hallway. She remembers me waddling uncomfortably carrying my fourth baby. It was a difficult time for me. Yet I survived. Fast forward to today. I told her about a position that’s open for LDRP but…….It’s part time and it’s midnight shift. I have had it with the midnight shift. I worked it for 17 years of my life. I want a day job. And then suddenly the words came out of my mouth…….I do have a job called MOM. Reflecting back to the words the patient told me…..You are where you belong. Yes, I am. I am where I belong. Right now I am not a labor nurse but I am a mother. I do not get paid the wages of a nurse. I get paid in endless hugs and kisses. Now that is truly priceless.

Last night I took a big risk and asked an employee a simple question…….How do I get the purchaser’s business card? She told me that she didn’t have one but she introduced me to her. I told the woman about a product that I had and that I would like to bring it in to show her all about it. On Monday I will call her and make an appointment. Now I am scrambling to think up of a name for my product. I have a few more last minute things that I have to do. But I have at least ten items to show her. Every where I go people make comments on where did I get “that”. MMMMM maybe I’ll call it THAT LITTLE ………. A name has to be catchy. Take for instance perfume. I have several bottles of perfume. All with different names of course…..Miracle, Hot, Escape, Hypnose, and Bvlgari. The last purfume is my lastest gift. My friend told me that I had expensive taste. I laughed and said ” I just liked the way it smelled.” In order for someone to make a purchase, they have to really desire it. It has to have a sense of style and visual appeal. I can truly admit this……style is something I don’t have. For 17 years I lived and breathed Labor and Delivery. I wore comfortable scrubs at work and even at home to lounge around in. Now I am learning that I don’t need to wear nurse’s scrubs to be comfortable. I am truly inspired to be a little more creative in designing fashion accessories. I will never become rich and famous over these items. I will just be happy in knowing that I can make a difference to others through the sale of the items. A percentage of the sales will always go to the charities that I support. The March of Dimes is one charity that I will always support.

March of Dimes Supports Urgent Needs Of Mothers and Babies in Haiti Earthquake

Elizabeth Lynch, March of Dimes, (914) 997-4286,
Todd Dezen, March of Dimes, (914) 997-4608,
          WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., JAN. 15, 2010 – The March of Dimes has made a grant to UNICEF to help thousands of pregnant women, mothers and babies in Haiti imperiled by the devastating earthquake and its aftermath.

         “The March of Dimes is deeply concerned about the thousands of pregnant women and moms caring for infants in Haiti, especially extremely fragile premature babies” said Dr. Jennifer L. Howse, president of the March of Dimes.  “Many babies and young children have been separated from their families, others are feared orphaned.”

        The March of Dimes special gift of $100,000 will help Haitian women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and babies who are in dire need of proper nutrition, safe water, and safe ways to prepare infant formula, as well as supplies such as diapers and clothing.

          In addition, the March of Dimes says, mothers and babies in affected areas in Haiti have long-term needs that must be addressed over the coming months.  These include: 
          • prenatal and newborn care for pregnant women and babies;
          • specialized care and equipment for an expected rise in the number of babies born prematurely;
          • multivitamins with folic acid for women of childbearing age and pregnant women to reduce the risk of neural tube birth defects;
          • immunization and other measures to prevent infectious disease in mothers and babies;
          • updated information for pregnant women and families on available services as the situation in Haiti changes.

          The March of Dimes is always working to help mothers and babies.  If you want to donate immediately, text the word BABY to 20222 and your phone will be charged $5.00 for a donation to the March of Dimes.

          The March of Dimes is the leading organization for pregnancy and baby health.  With chapters nationwide and its premier March for Babies event, the March of Dimes works to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.  For the latest resources and information, visit or


One holiday that I always loved to work was New Year’s eve. There’s nothing like seeing if your hospital would be the first the first to have the area’s first baby of the new year. I remember ringing in 2006 with the area’s first baby of the new year. It was exciting knowing that I beat one of my fellow coworkers by 16 minutes. It was always a challenge on the unit……. Soon after midnight other area hospitals would call to see if we had a delivery yet. In 2006 the married couple I had beat an unwed teen. I was so happy for the couple. I knew that their story would be published and they would receive gifts donated from local businesses. I wonder if that will happen this year. Will local businesses throughout the United States be willing to donate services to the new families? What a way to promote their business. Just think of the word of mouth promotions it would bring the local business.

I have a friend who is due to have her fourth child on Christmas day. I hope she has her baby exactly on her due date. There’s nothing like having a baby on Christmas. Hopefully the baby won’t grow up getting ripped off with sharing birthday and Christmas gifts combined. I told my friend to make sure she goes to the hospital as soon as she feels her contractions getting close and strong. I joked around with her that I didn’t want to deliver her baby at her house. I my career as a  labor and deliver nurse I have delivered countless of babies. I have experienced both the happy and sad moments of childbirth. One experience still lingers with me……It was the first time I ever had a patient that had a prolapsed cord. I don’t know who had more of an adrenaline rush….  The patient was a multigravida and dilated 5-6 cm. I called her Dr and received orders from him. Because the Doctor lived 20 minutes away he decided to come to the hospital. My coworkers were rushing me on the patient’s bed. I remember the Doctor lived 20 minutes away and he had a habit of coming in to the hospital sooner than later. I prayed that this time he would get there sooner than later. When the Doctor arrived he was suprised when he was told his patient was in surgery.  The outcome was a live birth by C/S. This year the boy is twenty years old. Oh how I wish that I could meet him. I was 24 years old at the time that I was his mother’s nurse. But that was then and this is now…………. I am off on a new journey. 2010 will bring a new year of opportunities and blessings for me.

It’s amazing how I have come to the conclusion……..I would never want to be a head nurse. There is too much involved with hospital policies and politics. This is not where the fun is at. The real fun is on the “battle front”. The Labor and Delivery Unit should run like clockwork. This almost always never happens. What happens is this…… Battle cliques are formed. Young nurses vs. the older nurses. Nurses start talking about each other both their private and personal lives. It just happens. That’s life on the battlefront. Who suffers is the patient. Quality care cannot be delivered if the nurse is painting her nails in the nurses station. I saw this with my own eyes. There’s nothing like getting upset watching the day shift with their morning routine. Applying makeup, getting cups of coffee, making personal phone calls all before making first patient rounds. Yes this only happened on my unit. If this has happened to you I would love to hear your stories. I have to say that I do have the makings of a good book….”Hidden Secrets Of Labor And Delivery Nurses: Hiding From The Stork………

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