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It has been eight years since I left my job. I still think of all the experiences I had. For the most part, other hospital workers would think that Labor and Delivery nurses had cushy jobs. Wrong. Anything and I mean anything could go wrong. Teamwork was a vital component in the labor and delivery process. The teamwork between the nurse and the patient was built on total trust. The patient had to trust that the nurse was trained to do what she was supposed to do. The nurse had to trust the patient and her laboring body’s signals. The nurse has to relay information to the Dr. based on assessments made. Having a baby is a process. A labor of love that will last a lifetime. Somewhere a woman holds her labor of love so gently in her arms. Staring at her baby she tells herself…..”This was worth it.” Labor Day is every day on a Labor and Delivery unit. To all the laboring mothers, I salute you for being brave enough to tackle on your ” Labor Day.”

The book called The Secret really works. I have never experience more random blessings than this past week. Today was the topper. I have been busy planning and putting together the final touches on my Make A Difference weekend that will be happening next Saturday. Today on a whim I stopped by a florist and spotted a beautiful angel that seemed to say buy me…….The angel was holding a basket. I told the florist that it would make a perfect bowl to hold raffle tickets but I had nothing to raffle off. All of a sudden she slipped out to the back room to talk to the owner of the store. Imagine what happened next. I will be getting a beatiful flower arrangement to be raffled off. I didn’t ask for it. It just came to me. God is good. I have been given more blessings that I will be able to share with others…….The greatest gift is the gift of charity. On Saturday I will be joining other local knitters and crocheters in making blankets for women with cancer and Veterans at a local hospital. Two women will be bringing their sewing machines to sew blankets also. This event gives me great pleasure in knowing that I can make a difference in the lives of those who need comfort and who are hurting. We are all called to play a part in the lives of each other. It could be a simple act of kindness or a big act of kindness. But as human beings we are all called to take action. Together we can Make A Difference.

This is an old blog entry. I thought I would do a little throw back in time. What kind of entries would you like to see?

This morning while you were waiting for the school bus you looked at me and said…….. You have a big belly. Are you going to have a baby? I want a baby sister. This occurred all in the same sentence. I told you……No I am not going to have another baby and that the last baby in there was you. Sure there are times when I wish I could have had a baby sister for you. But the doors to having babies were shut the day you were born. I remember my doctor asking me if I was sure I wanted the procedure done. I knew that to have more babies would be risky for my health. So you my son are my precious fourth son. Each day with you brings new joys and surprises. I am so glad you are who you are. Today was one of those moments in which I remember that you have blessed me with an endless treasure…….your love for me.

I was loading up my car with groceries when the lady next to my car said…..”I know you….Didn’t you used to work at the hospital? I responded yes and that I had quit. She said to me …….”You were my favorite nurse.” I had a great conversation with both her and her husband. It’s funny how after almost 4 years since I quit my job people still remember me. I ended up giving her my business card. I know that I will be hearing from her. Although I may not remember all the patients I have ever taken care of, I know that the care that I gave them reflected my core values of a nurse. The patients could see that I really did care for their well being. Sometimes I do get emotional when I think that I can never be a labor and delivery nurse again. Being a labor and delivery nurse inspired me to help at risk young mothers and women who have experienced the loss of their babies through miscarriage or still birth. Yes there are days when I miss that. But for today I am just another ordinary human being.

One of life’s little surprises is due to arrive sometime this September. I won’t be there for the blessed event due to prior engagements and family responsibilities. It’s no surprise to the woman who is expecting that she will finally get to experience the role of becoming a  new mom. I am already working on a care package to be sent out to her and her significant other. I started this week on tackling a knitted baby sweater. It seems to be taking forever. I am only on row 23 and this is just the practice sweater. The real one will be made in beautiful shades of pink. The sweater I have on my knitting needles will more than likely be donated to a crisis center for new mothers. I found this wonderful place that gives new mothers a full outfit for the baby and a new diaper bag when the mothers come in with proof that they had a baby. During these times of difficult economics, every little bit can help a new mother deal with her newborn child. If you want to tackle your own little surprise, try and make one of these….

Donate them to your favorite charity. They will truly be surprised!!!!

I saw you hold your baby for the very first time. When you weren’t looking, I noticed the tears in your eyes. For the past nine months you watched your baby grow within it’s mother’s womb. Every day from this day forward will bring you many moments and opportunities. Some will bring you laughter and joy. Others will bring you worry and concern. But it is all part of being a father. Whether you are ready or not, this is your job……..  To love your child with all your heart, to raise your child up to fulfill his/her destiny, to be a family each and every day. Happy Father’s Day!!!!

Sometimes it’s not the labor nurse who is giving an encouraging word but the patient themselves. I recently came across a notepad from work. I had on the very first line these words…… A very wise patient once told me……You are where you belong. It must have been a quiet night that night. I read and laughed at my amusing writing with a friend. Together we remembered the “good” old days. When the old timers, the nurse’s with more seniority, ruled the unit. That is when the younger bunch of us got the worst room assignments. My friend remembers when I would be given the farthest assignments down the hallway. She remembers me waddling uncomfortably carrying my fourth baby. It was a difficult time for me. Yet I survived. Fast forward to today. I told her about a position that’s open for LDRP but…….It’s part time and it’s midnight shift. I have had it with the midnight shift. I worked it for 17 years of my life. I want a day job. And then suddenly the words came out of my mouth…….I do have a job called MOM. Reflecting back to the words the patient told me…..You are where you belong. Yes, I am. I am where I belong. Right now I am not a labor nurse but I am a mother. I do not get paid the wages of a nurse. I get paid in endless hugs and kisses. Now that is truly priceless.

As I was waiting for my son’s school bus this morning, I thought to myself……. I wonder when am I going to see the first robin. Minutes later I saw one perched up on a tree. It started to burst out in a cheery morning hello to my son and I. All of a sudden I heard my son say……. Mom I think it’s an eagle. I burst out laughing. No it’s not an eagle my son. It’s a robin. I would love to be able to soar like an eagle high above the majestic skies. But for today I’ll settle for being like a robin……Enjoying a nice spring like day.

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