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I recently threw away my NRP book from the late 90’s. A friend told me there is a newer version out. Like many things policies and procedures are revised. I have been thinking of taking a CPR recertification course lately. I will have to obtain my Doctor’s  permission first due to the extent of my injuries. I think that I would have a difficult time with the chest compressions. In most instances if a medical emergency was to occur at a school or airport, an AED would be available to use by people trained to use them. CPR is an important procedure to learn. You never know when you might have to use it. This year resolve to learn CPR. Lives can be saved when CPR is initiated as quickly as possible. For mor information check out your local American Red Cross for information about CPR certification.–gBEiQArnojD7XeO5vtLdLlbXMgmDqMhhD3nXeDjxG7TQ3DTMdFgycaArmg8P8HAQ.