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I received a thank you card in the mail today. It was from my friend who I sent the lap robes and shawls to. She enclosed an article in the card about the days events. My friend has been throwing parties for Veterans for the past 33 years. One of the recipients of the lap robe blanketsĀ  was a 25 year soldier who fought in Iraq. This young man is going blind because of shrapnel that flew into his eye. He will be another young man that I will be adding to my prayer list. I guess there were many blind Veterans at the party. I am glad that two of the lap robes had raised hearts in them so that they could feel them with their fingers. Now the quest is on for more patterns that the blind Veterans can feel.

This was the pattern that I used forĀ  two of the blankets I made.

Here are a few patterns that I want to try out.