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It is official. After surviving the 16 hour doula workshop, I will be a volunteer doula at the local hospital. It was an amazing weekend. Saturday was filled with watching videos and learning hands on massage techniques and comfort measures. On Sunday we role played and had a local newspaper there documenting what the doula program offers the local community. It will be a three part series. I hope the photographer got a lot of great pictures and stories from all of the new doulas. I have plenty of material to go through.  I hope to go to the Doula convention in August in Atlanta Georgia. For more information about the convention please go to

I finally received a call back from the hospital about the labor doula program. I talked to the new coordinator for awhile. It’s sounds like it might be exactly what I am looking for. I will attend an informational meeting tomorrow night. I am looking forward in taking a new step in my career. When God closes one door, a new one opens. Yes slowly but surely I am finding my way once again. The coordinator said she felt that I had a lot to offer the program. I can’t wait. New beginnings for me.

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