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This past October I bought a really cute angel holding a basket at a local florist. I thought that I would use it this Thanksgiving for a new family tradition. I want to pass slips of paper around and have everyone write how they were blessed this year. I will then have my youngest son read the papers with my help of course.¬†I want my youngest son to experience the richness of having an attitude of gratitude each and every day. I just asked him……What are you thankful for? His reply was my brothers. He will experience the true meaning of family when he shares the Thanksgiving meal this year. It has been a year of reestablished relationships for me this year. His paternal¬†grandmother called me in January and explained to me what was going on and the rest was history. I started talking to her after being alienated from the family for three years due to a less than perfect divorce. It’s just the way life is. It’s never perfect. Life just happens. Things happen in life for a reason. I am blessed with four boys and a very supportive family. 2010 will bring great blessings on me. But that is for a different blog. My wish for you is this……May you be blessed in a special way through this holiday season. May you find the true meaning of Christmas and not be caught up in thoughts of………..How can I get presents for my children. The greatest gift was already given to them. Life though Jesus Christ.

I have decided to do this idea of buying the book Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright and giving a Christmas jar to a mother and five children. Her husband recently died from cancer. This year will be difficult for them. The holidays will be difficult to cope without the husband and father that they have loved so much. I have been blessed the past three years. I have been blessed with both the good, the bad and the ugly. But what has come out of the bad accidents in my life will give a young family new hope. New hope in humanity and an anonymous donor…..Me. It’s not all about me but about a family. Family is what life is all about. What happens in life is this. You are born. You experience all that life has to offer both the good times and the bad times. You survive. Somehow through the grace of God and pure miracles you begin to believe that there really is hope. Hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

This Sunday I will be picking up another turkey from the Family Video store. I feel blessed. I will fight back the tears when I go to pick it up. It will be the most thought felt gift that I have received this year. The gift of feeding the hungry. I admit this past year has been difficult for me. There have been times where I have only had one meal a day. Sometimes I have nothing to eat but drinking a liter of pepsi. I feed my children but I some how lose my appetite. I guess it is because of all the stress that I am going through with the custody issues with my ex. No wonder my immunity runs low. last night I broke down and ate at a restaurant with my unexpected visitor. I didn’t want to eat from the Mc Donald’s dollar menu. I wanted hot lemon chicken rice soup. I had a patty melt and hot fries. It satisfied my craving. Right now my mouth is watering thinking about the turkey that I will be having. I can’t wait until Sunday. I may just get brave enough to hug the Family Video sales person. I can’t thank them enough. My Christmas thank you card still sits on a prominent place in the video store from when I received the first turkey. I am blessed. I am thankful for family, friends and a video store.

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