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I will be assisting with a mother’s remembrance project at a local hospital in May. I came across this pattern……..

I recently bought some tiny baby hand and feet  rubber stamps. I think I will try making a few of them as memorial gifts. What I really need to find is a rubber stamp of a cross. I’d like to make some clay rocks with crosses on them and attach a poem with it that says……..

Whenever you think that your cross is too heavy to bear

Just look to the cross and know that Jesus cares

He will carry your burdens  if you give them to him

Always remember he is there to comfort you in your despair

I started working on this pattern two days ago. this point I am on row 8. When I first discovered this pattern a few years back, I thought that I would never understand some of the crochet terminology. I had never learned how to do a split fptr. But I did learn through trial and error. The pattern says it is for a 12 inch square. I will continue going in a square pattern until it will cover a little baby that weighs less than one lb. I have seen many tiny babies born too soon. I have made many blankets for those babies. I have held many of them in my hands. Many mothers have pictures of my hand next to their babies. I wanted them to know just how tiny their babies were. In my prior job as a labor and delivery nurse, I comforted many mothers and fathers who have lost their infants through miscarriage or stillbirth. I have many cards from those parents. Oftentimes I would write them a personal note and take it to them in their new rooms on the medical surgical floor. I wanted to let them know that they were in my thoughts and prayers. I never expected anything in return. I just wanted to make a difference in their lives. I realize now that I can still make a difference in the lives of grieving parents. I still continue to make blankets and hats for the hospital that I used to work for. I hope to expand my charitable work this next year to other local hospitals.

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