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This Sunday I will be picking up another turkey from the Family Video store. I feel blessed. I will fight back the tears when I go to pick it up. It will be the most thought felt gift that I have received this year. The gift of feeding the hungry. I admit this past year has been difficult for me. There have been times where I have only had one meal a day. Sometimes I have nothing to eat but drinking a liter of pepsi. I feed my children but I some how lose my appetite. I guess it is because of all the stress that I am going through with the custody issues with my ex. No wonder my immunity runs low. last night I broke down and ate at a restaurant with my unexpected visitor. I didn’t want to eat from the Mc Donald’s dollar menu. I wanted hot lemon chicken rice soup. I had a patty melt and hot fries. It satisfied my craving. Right now my mouth is watering thinking about the turkey that I will be having. I can’t wait until Sunday. I may just get brave enough to hug the Family Video sales person. I can’t thank them enough. My Christmas thank you card still sits on a prominent place in the video store from when I received the first turkey. I am blessed. I am thankful for family, friends and a video store.

I wonder if I am still up to taking written exams. I have always hated them. The multiple choices that would tend to confuse me….Pick the best possible answer. Is it A, B, C, D, or E? The most dreaded exam I ever took was my nursing state board exam. A few weeks prior to taking the exam, I remember receiving a letter in the mail stating that the exam was compromised. I guess the truck driver driving the load decided to see what he was carrying and broke the seal on one of the exams. This led to the option of taking a compromised exam or waiting six months to take the nursing state boards. I chose to take the first exam. I did all the things I was supposed to do to prepare myself. I took a class on how to prepare for the exam. I remember buying an old NCLEX book at the library for 10 cents. I brought it with me to the posh hotel I was staying at with six other friends of mine. The night before the first exam, my friends and I looked over the NCLEX book that I brought with. I received a phone call that night from one of my nursing instructors. She was also at the hotel giving support to her brother’s girlfriend. She told me…..Good luck I know you are a bad test taker. That really gave me a boost….LOL. I remember sitting down next to a pregnant test taker the next day. I thought to myself….Don’t go into labor now. I broke the seal on the test and started taking the test. I did my best to answer the questions multiple choice style. When the time was up, my friends and I returned to our room to compare notes. We also looked through my NCLEX book and discovered that some of the very same test questions were in the book also. Some were the same and others were worded slightly differently. We spent the next few hours puring through the book. We only took a break for dinner at Edwardo’s pizza. The final day of the test went much better. I was armed with the knowledge that I knew the obscure answers. Was that cheating? No…It was called being prepared. I studied from a book that was at least 10 years old. The only new items on the exam were about the new disease called AIDS. I have come a long way in my journey. I will come across a few more tests in my life. Some will be multiple choice. Others will test my faith. God will lead me each step of the way. I believe that a new career will be opening up for me once I take the leap of faith and decide to go back to college.

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