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Life will lead you wherever you want to go. How far you will go is up to you. If you hit a road block you will have a decision to make. Do you turn around or find another way? There are ways around the potholes of life. You can either go over them or around them. What direction are you going in your life? Are you going forward or backwards? Make a choice today. Go forward in your life. Face the moments where you don’t know what direction you want to go. After all you have GPS to guide you. GPS= GOD’S PROTECTIVE SERVICES. God will guide you if you let him. Cast all your cares and worries onto him. He will show you a new direction in your life only if you let him. Try letting go of your life’s steering wheel. God is in control. He will not let you crash and burn. There is only one way to find him……..Through prayer and meditation. Just try it. Let go and Let God show you the way.

I watched you drown in a sea of despair so I threw you a lifeline. I sat there and watched you struggle to reach it. All you needed to do was to learn to swim and not sink once again. But once again I came to your rescue. I would never let you drown. I pulled the lifeline back a little and threw it back out to you. This time I watched you touch it. You were afraid to grab it. You thought to yourself…..Why should I grab it now I am just a failure in your eyes. This was my response to you……..

My Child you have never been a failure to me. I have watched you grow in your times of deepest hurt and despair. In those moments I was with you. In the darkest of night I stood watch over you. I watched you cry and I wiped away the tears. There is a lesson to be learned in the pain that you feel right now. Someday you will help others who have walked in your shoes too. Don’t ever think that nobody will understand you. Because I do. Just believe in me I tell you. Listen to my quiet whispers. I breathed life into you. The life you live is going to change at any moment. That’s what life is all about. Moments. This is just another moment to tell you…….I LOVE YOU. So I am throwing you a lifeline today. I hope that you catch it and feel my love surrounding you. YOU ARE MY BELOVED

Here’s a link to a great video……Enjoy!!!!

I like the way this pattern looks. I think that I am going to start making it as my first comfort shawl for charity for 2009.                                                        It’s recipient is a friend of my mother’s whom I have had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions. She recently had surgery for throat cancer. Before I start making the shawl, I will say prayers over the yarn before, during, and after.   Dear Lord please send your healing love to the person using this shawl. May you surround her with your healing presence. Please let her know that she is being cared for by you and those who love her the most. May she be surrounded by those who love her and care for her. May she never feel abandoned in her darkest hour. Lift her up when she is feeling down. Hold her when she is feeling her weakest. Show her your immense love for her. Prepare her for when she will meet you once again. Cast away all her fears and doubts. Let your healing light shine upon her. Amen.       

God listens at all times….. He hears your silent whispers in the night                                                He lights your darkened world
God listens to you when no one else will….He hears your silent pleas in the night
God touches you with the hands of a loving father….He gives you all that you will ever need
God forgives you when no one else will…..He knows that you are truly sorry for all your sins
He will give you the faith that you will need to get through the day
He will show you a better way
Just trust and believe in God above
He loves you unconditionally

God is love…. an ever shining light in your life

God is peace…. in a world of unrest                        

God is joy…. in the eyes of a newborn child

God is hope…. for the hopeless

God is good…. to those who believe

Last year while shopping at a local grocery store, I learned an important lesson in life. I was sitting in the store entrance with my youngest son. We were waiting for my mother to finish grocery shopping. My youngest son was in the truck shaped grocery cart. An elderly woman was talking to him about his driving abilities. She soon left and then I saw my mother. We left the store only to see the elderly woman talking to a Salvation Army bell ringer. I overheard her say this to the bell ringer…….The greatest gift of Christmas is love. Yes, I would have to agree with that statement. Especially now when times are tough. The statement reminds me that it was a mother’s gift of her son to the world. A mother’s gift of undying love. Her son, Our Savior, has given me many gifts. One of which is knowing that I am a child of God. I am number one in his eyes. Just like many of his children. We have a responsibility to spread God’s love to those in need. There are many people who do not realize the true impact that God can bring into their lives. God is love. This holiday season please spread some love to those who need it. Remember that the greatest gift of Christmas is love.

I started out my morning frantically looking for my car keys. I couldn’t find them any where. I tore through my purse. I looked in my jacket pockets. Finally I decided to get the spare keys. That was an adventure within itself. I had to look through a different purse to find them. While driving to the bank, I reached in my purse for my driver’s license and found my first set of car keys. A thought crossed my mind….. YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES!!!!  I took it as a nudge from God. Yes, I have to admit I have been looking at my life from the wrong perspective. I have been seeking comfort and healing in the wrong places. The truth is…. True comfort comes from God. I have failed miserably in asking God for help in my daily needs and desires. I have been afraid to ask for help. I put myself in this position. I can get myself out of it. Wrong thinking…. It’s stinking thinking. For so long I have been hiding the truth from myself……I am afraid of being alone. But I realize now I am never alone…..God and his angels are all around me. While waiting in line at the bank, I started to flip through a local paper I had in the car. Lo and behold my eyes were fixed on the words…..In Tough Times Many Americans Turn To Guardian Angels. A guardian angel does not have to be a heavenly being or entity. I met a guardian angel this morning at the post office. After mailing some bills, I walked our the post office past a Lion’s Club member. I thought to myself…..turn around and give him your loose change in your jacket. I went up to the man and said “Here’s some change….it’s not much I am not working.” He asked me how many children I had and gave me four tootsie rolls for them. We continued to have a conversation about my semi truck accident and my inability to work at this time. Finally he said that the local Lion’s Club might be able to help me. He didn’t say how and I didn’t ask. I am just grateful for the offer for help. He took my name and phone number down and said he was going to give it to the President of the Lion’s club. Yes I believe angels are every where. I believe ordinary people can be angels. I found my guardian angel today. Thank God I was in the right place at the right time.

You will live your life only once. Make it the best that you can be. Do not let others actions affect you. Live your life one day at a time. Enjoy each moment like it was your last. You do not know when your life will end. You still have a job to do. You are a worthwhile individual. Cast your cares to the one above. He will direct you path. He is strong and powerful. He is God Almighty. Creator or heaven and earth. God created you with a purpose in mind. Have you found your purpose yet? What do you want to do with the rest of your life? How will you leave your mark in this world? You have one life to live. Choose to live your dreams with a purpose.

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