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As I sit comfortable and warm in my house, I can’t help but think about the homeless this winter. There are many blogs on line about knitting for the homeless. Here are just a few of those sites.

Last year I bought a breast cancer bracelet for under $10.00 at a hospital gift shop. I didn’t buy it because it was cheap. I bought it because it was a symbol. I wore the bracelet proudly. I had a sister in law die from breast cancer at a young age. I remember almost losing the cheap made in China bracelet once. It had fallen off my wrist and from the corner of my eye I caught a woman pick it up and try to put it in her pocket. I told her it was my bracelet. I asked if she knew what that bracelet meant. She said no. I said I lost a sister in law to breast cancer and it had a special meaning for me. I wanted to tell her she could buy her own made in China bracelet. But I refrained from making any nasty comments. Several months later I gave the bracelet away. I was approach by a homeless man while I was getting gas at a gas station in a scary looking town. He told me he needed money to buy bread and tuna for his family. I gave him a few dollars and then I gave him the bracelet and told him he could sell it for money. In return I received one of those free tv guide magazines that you see in grocery stores. That was all that he could give me. I kept that magazine in the back of my truck for the longest time. It reminded me of my encounter with the homeless man. I finally threw it away when I was rear ended by the semi. All of my belongings in the back of the truck was covered in shattered pieces of glass. Although I am not a breast cancer survivor, I am a survivor of mental, physical and sexual abuse. I am a survivor of being hit by a semi truck. I wonder what kind of bracelet can I make for myself?

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