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My precious little one….Have told you how much I love you lately? Have I kissed you gently while you slept. I watch over you day and night. I am your protector and your everlasting source of strength. Have I told you how proud you have made me? Have I hugged you when you were feeling down? I know your every hurt and pain. I am the healing balm that will soothe your hurting soul. Have I told you how happy you make me feel when you call out my name? I am and will always be a part of you. I love you so….Jesus


  • I am not worthy of your love…..You are my child and I love you so


  • I have sinned against you countless times…..I died on the cross for your sins. You are forgiven.


  • I feel so lost and alone…..I am always here to guide your way.


  • I cannot hear your voice…..I am the soft whisper in your ear.


  • I cannot feel you…..I am in the gentle touch and kiss from your child. I surround you with my love from the sun’s warm sunshine. I am in the gentle breeze that caresses your face


  • I am afraid…..Cast your cares onto me and I will be there for you.


  • I don’t know how to pray…..Just say Jesus thank you for loving me each and every day.

Thank you for loving me Jesus when I was down and out and on my knees

Thank you for loving me Jesus when I couldn’t even love myself

Thank you for loving me Jesus and showing me that today is going to be a better day

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