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One of life’s little surprises is due to arrive sometime this September. I won’t be there for the blessed event due to prior engagements and family responsibilities. It’s no surprise to the woman who is expecting that she will finally get to experience the role of becoming a  new mom. I am already working on a care package to be sent out to her and her significant other. I started this week on tackling a knitted baby sweater. It seems to be taking forever. I am only on row 23 and this is just the practice sweater. The real one will be made in beautiful shades of pink. The sweater I have on my knitting needles will more than likely be donated to a crisis center for new mothers. I found this wonderful place that gives new mothers a full outfit for the baby and a new diaper bag when the mothers come in with proof that they had a baby. During these times of difficult economics, every little bit can help a new mother deal with her newborn child. If you want to tackle your own little surprise, try and make one of these….

Donate them to your favorite charity. They will truly be surprised!!!!

I stumbled across a new magazine that I have never seen before. It looks like it’s been out for a while but I just never noticed it. I picked up magazine Creative Knitting at a local Border’s Bookstore. I absolutely love the layout of the magazine. There are practically no ads in the magazine. There are a lot of fantastic patterns to  try for every knitter. Each project has great instructions to follow and the pictures are fantastic. I am actually thinking of ordering some of the back issues to share with the knitting group I belong to. Right now the ladies are working on prayer shawls for their prayer shawl ministry.

I recently found this pattern for a knit wash cloth.

I am going to make the wash cloth into a lap robe pattern for the veterans. I know that the blind veterans will be able to feel the indentations of the hands.

Here is another pattern to use for breast cancer awareness.

I received a thank you card in the mail today. It was from my friend who I sent the lap robes and shawls to. She enclosed an article in the card about the days events. My friend has been throwing parties for Veterans for the past 33 years. One of the recipients of the lap robe blankets  was a 25 year soldier who fought in Iraq. This young man is going blind because of shrapnel that flew into his eye. He will be another young man that I will be adding to my prayer list. I guess there were many blind Veterans at the party. I am glad that two of the lap robes had raised hearts in them so that they could feel them with their fingers. Now the quest is on for more patterns that the blind Veterans can feel.

This was the pattern that I used for  two of the blankets I made.

Here are a few patterns that I want to try out.

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