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My youngest son recently graduated from preschool. I will always cherish the pictures that I took of him. My favorite is one that I don’t remember taking. He was walking down the aisle and reached out for his pa pa’s fingers. My son’s eyes were fixed on his pa pa’s. His pa pa was looking at the other preschoolers. In a roll of film there is always the worry of getting your head off from the shot. That only happened once thank god. I will have to crop the picture. There have been many times in my past when I have felt that I was out of the picture. That is because I was the one taking the picture. I only have one regret……… I didn’t get a picture of myself with my son’s teachers. There are many moments in life that occur. Some moments happen so quickly. Others seem to drag on forever. I learned one thing at preschool graduation……It only happens once. You cannot go back. You can only go forward. I am looking forward to capturing lots of moments between my son and both sets of his grandparents. Life comes and life goes. Time is ticking…………I hear another school bell ringing. Time for another Kodak moment.

Next month my son will be graduating from preschool. It will be an opportunity for me to take plenty of pictures of him and his classmates. I know that I will be a basket case. I had a little preview of it yesterday when I was room mother. It was circle time and the children were singing their usual songs. One song in particular brought tears to my eyes. It was a song about Good bye I hope to see you soon….. I lost it. I thought to myself my son will miss this preschool so much. I will miss the school and the loving students and teachers I have known since October 2008. I am so glad that I had my camera in my car. I had to run out and get it when the children were dancing to the Beauty and the Beast song. I am glad I caught the moment on film. The preschooler my son was dancing with has the most beautiful smile. My son and his dance partner were a perfect match. I will have to get double copies made so that I can give one to her parents. In life there are many Kodak moments. Some are captured on film. Others remain a memory in our minds. Life is one big Kodak moment. Live it. Enjoy it. Life is but a single moment.

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