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I can only imagine what it will be like on the labor and delivery unit on September 11 th. I will be a part of it since I am on call that day as a volunteer doula. I do not receive any payment for my services as of yet. That is what it means to be a volunteer. It is the stepping stone of a wonderful new beginning. The month of September will be very busy. The plans for the mother/baby/doula reunion are coming along nicely. I have all the items that I will be taking with me as raffle prizes. I can’t wait to meet the new mothers and babies. I can’t wait to hear their birth stories and labor doula experiences. I wonder if last year’s September 11 th baby will be there. September 11th will be a time of remembering what happened to our Nation on that day. It will be a time of reflection. A time of laughter. A time of tears. A time of healing. A time to recovery. A time of new beginnings in the birth of a baby. Life goes on……….

I wish I would have keep a pregnancy journal when I was pregnant with my children. A pregnant woman goes through a lot of changes both mentally and physically. Somewhere in a forgotten shoebox I have a Weight Watcher’s point guide and my weekly weigh in card. I remember being on Weight Watcher’s while I was in my first 8 weeks of my last pregnancy. I had decided that I wanted to lose the weight so that I would not go over the 200 lb mark with the pregnancy. I knew how judgemental some of the nurse’s were on my floor. I didn’t want them to make comments about my weight. I had the most difficult time with my last three pregnancies. The charge nurse would think she was doing me a favor by giving me high risk patients all the way down the farthest hallway of the unit. The worst nights were when I had to take on two laboring women and a high risk patient. I hated those nights. I had developed a system of using different colored neon clipboards to keep track of the different patients. Hot pink for the high risk patients. and green for the laboring patients. I would tape inspirational quotes and prayers on each clipboard. Many times the other shifts would use my clipboards. In September, I will be officially switching roles to being a labor doula. I have been busy lately working on a presentation for teen mothers.

It is official. After surviving the 16 hour doula workshop, I will be a volunteer doula at the local hospital. It was an amazing weekend. Saturday was filled with watching videos and learning hands on massage techniques and comfort measures. On Sunday we role played and had a local newspaper there documenting what the doula program offers the local community. It will be a three part series. I hope the photographer got a lot of great pictures and stories from all of the new doulas. I have plenty of material to go through.  I hope to go to the Doula convention in August in Atlanta Georgia. For more information about the convention please go to

Two weeks ago I helped out a lamaze teacher with her teen lamaze class. I assisted the class with showing the girls and their coaches different techniques to use when they are in labor. Comfort measures are one of the most important techniques to use through out labor. I guess I really made an impression on one of the young girls. She is due the first week in July and has requested me to be her doula. I have already started making her baby a special gift from me. The services I provide at the local hospital are on a volunteer basis at this time. Through word of mouth I hope to establish a large client base. I recently found out that a massage therapist I know is also taking classes to become a doula. I hope to pair up with her and start my own doula business with her some day.

I am on my way to healing my past hurts. It was a big step for me. I realized it wasn’t my fault last night. It felt good to release it out in the open. I had told the infamous story to two people. I let it go. I needed to in order to move on. I have been holding on to the hurt for almost three years. It has served it’s purpose. I needed to feel it in order to heal from it. Some day I will get the courage to email the person who changed my life forever. I will thank her for giving me the opportunity to have been a Labor and Delivery nurse for 17 years. Being a nurse has given me many experiences that I will carry on to my new job of being a labor doula. I hope to share many new birth stories with the women I will meet. I have been given a new lease on life and a new purpose.

In two weeks I will be attending my first of six childbirth classes I have to take. It has been 28 years since I attended Lamaze class at the age of 16 with my baby’s father. This time it will be different. I am not pregnant at the age of 44. I am doing this as part of a requirement to become a labor doula. I am still tackling the four required books to read. I have been given a second chance at being a part of the greatest joy on this earth…..To witness the birth of a child. I miss that the most. It has been three years since I witnessed a live birth. It has been three years since I have helped a mother cope with losing her baby. I can’t wait to get back into the real world of Labor and Delivery. It’s just as exciting to me now as it was three years ago. Who knows……I might have a new business starting up.

I finally received a call back from the hospital about the labor doula program. I talked to the new coordinator for awhile. It’s sounds like it might be exactly what I am looking for. I will attend an informational meeting tomorrow night. I am looking forward in taking a new step in my career. When God closes one door, a new one opens. Yes slowly but surely I am finding my way once again. The coordinator said she felt that I had a lot to offer the program. I can’t wait. New beginnings for me.

Strewn about my house in boxes and in books lie many different cards that I have received over the years. This year I managed to throw away the cards that I received from my bridal shower. I have plenty other cards that bring back better memories for me. Many of these cards are from the patients I took care of when I was a Labor and Delivery nurse. When I worked as a nurse, many patients would ask me what I wanted as a thank you gift. I said please do not give me candy….It would just land up on my hips. I would always ask them for a thank you card or letter. I told them that in my most difficult times I would reread the thank you notes and realize why I was a Labor and Delivery nurse. It has been awhile since I have looked at those thank you cards. So same cards now remind me that I am no longer a nurse. I want so badly to go back to my old job but I can’t. This is what hurts the most……The thoughts of coworkers asking me if I am still married and other personal information seeking rumor spreading gossip. I will not be a part of that. I deserve better I tell myself. Some day I will return to the field of Labor and Delivery. But not as a nurse. Maybe I can be a Labor doula or a lactation consultant. For now I’ll sit back and relax. I’ll contemplate on what I really want. I’ll read those thank you cards and tell myself….I really loved my job as a Labor and Delivery nurse.

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