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I stopped by the library today after my doctor’s appointment. I managed to get a computer that was free. I went online and made some copies of some preschool worksheets and of certain emails that I will be taking to my lawyer tomorrow. The library limits the computer use to one hour. I used the computer for about 40 minutes and then proceeded to pay for my copies that I wanted printed. The library is a wealth of information. I went over to the information table and grabbed some¬† papers. One of which was a copy of the Senior Times Magazine. Although I am not a senior citizen, I love looking at a section in the paper that has old recipes. I was tempted to rent a free movie overnight but then I changed my mind. That would mean wasting more gas tomorrow to return it. Life at the library can be an adventure….Just check it out sometime.

Recently I picked up some books from the library. One of them was called The Age of Miracles by Marianne Williamson. I love flipping open a book and seeing what topic is on the page. This is what just happened to me…..On page 66 of the book it states “Forgive and forget” is not mere platitude. Many say,”Yes,I do forgive,but I will never forget.” The author further states…..Beware of the sentiment, for it leaves you subtly in the thrall of suffering. She goes on to write the following prayer:

Dear God,

Please teach me

how to forgive.

Show me the innocence in others,

and in the innocence in myself.

I surrender to You

my judgemental thoughts.

May I see beyond them

to the gentle peace

that only forgiveness brings,


Wow!!!!! I really needed to hear that. Especially with what I am going through right now with my ex husband. Divorce hurts both parties involved. My ex has moved on to a new wife. Together they work together as a team. Emotionally they reek havok in my life. I need to say that prayer for my emotional well being. I will try not to let myself get out of control and cause undue emotional suffering in my life. I can’t wait to start reading the Age of Miracles. I might just have to take it with me while I wait in my divorce attorney’s office. I would love to meet Marianne Williamson some day in person. Today I put that intention out in the universe……Anything can happen. After all I believe in miracles. Do you?


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