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I am constantly looking for easy ideas for the hospital bereavement program. Here are a few sites that I have found.,,diy_13747_2273730,00.html


Along with the crocheted angels from a previous post, I thought that this would make a nice addition to memory boxes for mothers who have had an infant loss.

You can make the butterflies in either pink or blue or any other combination that would look good. More than likely these items will be used as part of the first photos that will be taken. They will be placed next to the baby and a picture will be taken. The parents will be informed that pictures were taken. Releases will be signed and when the pictures come in the parents will receive a phone call. At the parents convenience they will return to the hospital and talk to the bereavement counsellor. She will then go over the pictures with the parents. Nothing can ever replace the loss of an infant. But it is nice to know that someone cares. Contact your local hospital’s labor and delivery unit to see what needs that they may have.