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My dearest little one……You my son are a precious gift. Without you father’s day would have no meaning to your father. Although you  have an older stepbrother……Your father hasn’t seen him in over 8 months by choice. I hope to God that will never happen to you. Both you and your stepbrother have made your father who he is…..your father. What does it mean to be a father? I will never know……..I can only guess what it feels like. But it begins at birth. I know how your father reacted the day you were born. He was very excited. I have the pictures to prove it. The proof is in the pictures. I have many pictures taken by me of you and your father. I cannot destroy them because they are yours to cherish. Although your  father and I are no longer together, I am greatful for him. For without him you would have never been born. Everything happens for a reason. There is a reason why your father is your father and why I am your mother. God planned it this way. Some day you will be a father yourself. If I could give you some advice my son……Just enjoy the every day moments. Cherish each day. Live in the moment. Respect your elders. Learn to forgive and forget. Don’t hold grudges. Have faith. Encourage others. There are many more lessons to learn about life and you will learn them soon enough. For now I am glad that you made your father a father. You my son were always meant to be. You were born out of love. You are my blessed child. I love you so…………. MOM


I am so glad for the past two weeks that I have spent with you. I am supposed to have you again on August 4. But that will not happen according to your father and stepmother. I guess you have Dentist appointments. Although I am fully capable of taking you. I will let them take you. What matters to me is your health and well being. I will call you every day and I will try to talk to you. But some how I know that my calls to you will go unanswered. But someday you will know that I have tried I will make a written journal of what I would have liked to have said to you. Always remember this….I love you forever……Mom

I  never want you to forget that I will always be your mother. No matter what anyone tells you I have and will always love you. You are my youngest son and I love you so. I want to leave you with something some day. You will be able to pick up a book that will be dedicated to you. I want you to know that some day you will come back to me.

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