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I love listening to all types of music except rap. Lately I have been on a country music kick. My five year old son loves it too. He was requesting which song for me to play on a Rascal Flatts CD. He sang the words to the song. I watched him from the rear view mirror. I thought to myself if he only knew what the words really meant. I fought back the tears. I wish that things could be different. I wish that I wasn’t a single mom once again. But I am…..Someday it will get better my friends tell me. I have to believe it. I have to sing a new song. I have to learn to make music on my own once again. Until then I sit back and enjoy the serenade that my precious little one sings to me. I wish I had a tape recorder handy to tape his sweet little voice. I tell myself there will be plenty of time…

There is nothing that can ever take those words out of my mind….. The words good morning, good morning, happy is today were spoken to me when my son was four years old. Oftentimes I would sing those words to him when he was with me. I am not a great singer but I have the voice of a mother. Ever since he was a baby I would sing him made up songs. One of them was this….. Momma boy, momma boy, momma baby boy. I say that to him recently and he said”I am not a baby…I am a boy.” I find myself reflecting on all those precious moments when he is not here. I miss him so much and so do his brothers. We are a family. Music plays a role in our lives. My car radio is always on or I have a cd playing at the times my sons are in the car. My youngest son say to me play ____’s song. When he says this I know that he wants to hear the song that was playing in the car when I picked up his brother. The song is by Daughtry¬† track 4….Over You. Wow what an appropriate song for what I am going through in my life right now. My little one may not understand the words. Some day I’ll give him a talk. Some day I’ll tell him…..Once upon a time there was a mother and father who had a boy……..

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