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No matter where I am at on Thanksgiving I will sit down and give thanks for what I have. While most families will be gathered together, I will be separated from my youngest son. My thoughts will be of him next Thursday. I will count my blessings as I sit with my parents and the rest of my family. My father will more than likely ask each of us to say what we are thankful for. I will say I am blessed to be alive. The list can go on and on. I am blessed to have loving and caring parents who brought me to the United States in 1969 for a better life. Right now I would have to say that my life is not what I dreamed it would be. Am I a failure? No….I am blessed to be alive. God has a purpose for me. I have a job to do. Slowly I am becoming aware of my life’s purpose. Each day opens like a page in a book. I never know what to expect. This year has been a difficult one for me. I expect next year to be better. I need to say grace and blessings each day that I come to the dinner table. Each day is a blessing to me. I need to remind myself that I am truly blessed.

Lord thank you for blessing me with the life that I have today. Let me be a blessing to others who should come my way. Help me to give of myself without expecting anything in return. As I gather each day at your table of plenty, help me to be thankful for what I am about to receive. Help me to share the abundance that I may receive. It is only through giving that I may receive your greatest blessings. Amen

Lord I pray for the hope and faith to sustain me through the difficulties of my life. I desire to be closer to you. Please help me to believe that the best is yet to come. Surround me with your love in my times of turmoil. Never leave my side when I feel lost and all alone. Guide me out of the darkness that I feel at times. Lift my heart and soul. Help me to praise you for your goodness each and every day. Amen

FAITH is believing in a power than myself
IS action doing what it right to my fellow man?
BELIEVING that anything is possible with God
AND letting go of life’s difficulties
PRAYING for God’s will and not thy will be done

I’ll never get tired of loving you my child. You seem to be discouraged today. Have I not told you to be strong? You must persevere. Hold on to your belief that I will do what is right. You know that I only want what is best for you. Never stop believing in me because I have stop believing in you. I’ll never get tired of being there for you……Just pray,pray,pray.


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