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I have a friend who is due to have her fourth child on Christmas day. I hope she has her baby exactly on her due date. There’s nothing like having a baby on Christmas. Hopefully the baby won’t grow up getting ripped off with sharing birthday and Christmas gifts combined. I told my friend to make sure she goes to the hospital as soon as she feels her contractions getting close and strong. I joked around with her that I didn’t want to deliver her baby at her house. I my career as a  labor and deliver nurse I have delivered countless of babies. I have experienced both the happy and sad moments of childbirth. One experience still lingers with me……It was the first time I ever had a patient that had a prolapsed cord. I don’t know who had more of an adrenaline rush….  The patient was a multigravida and dilated 5-6 cm. I called her Dr and received orders from him. Because the Doctor lived 20 minutes away he decided to come to the hospital. My coworkers were rushing me on the patient’s bed. I remember the Doctor lived 20 minutes away and he had a habit of coming in to the hospital sooner than later. I prayed that this time he would get there sooner than later. When the Doctor arrived he was suprised when he was told his patient was in surgery.  The outcome was a live birth by C/S. This year the boy is twenty years old. Oh how I wish that I could meet him. I was 24 years old at the time that I was his mother’s nurse. But that was then and this is now…………. I am off on a new journey. 2010 will bring a new year of opportunities and blessings for me.

Not to long ago I responded to a fellow nurse who had experienced some of the same things I did. After so long in one position, job burnout can be an issue. But how is this possible you might say. Especially on a Labor and Delivery unit. Under staffing was a big problem. Fear of something going terribly wrong while being there was another. Not too long ago I talked to someone who still works on the unit who told me about an incident that had happened. My only response was this…I am glad I wasn’t working at the time. It will be a lawsuit for sure. It’s one of those things that every nurse dreads. You wonder. Will the hospital attorney’s back me up. Do I need to hire my own attorney. Why didn’t I have extra malpractice insurance? Being a Labor and Delivery nurse can be very fulfilling. There is nothing more joyous than being a part in a couple’s birth story. I came across the thank cards I received from so many years ago. It’s so hard for me to part with them. It reminds me why I loved being a nurse. I have always like the fast paced action when it was time to scramble and get the patient ready for delivery or an emergency c section. One of my most memorable emergencies happened when I was 7 months pregnant with my son. My coworker had a patient who had a prolapsed cord. I was the one who discovered it. I’ll never forget riding on the patient’s bed with her back to the OR. The coworkers helped me get off the bed. Everyone was concerned not only for the patient and her baby but also for me since I was the one under the surgical drapes. The outcome was a viable baby. When I heard the baby cry, it brought tears to my eyes. Another successful outcome. Another live birth. Another life to live. Another birth story to tell. I still dream about being a Labor and Delivery nurse.

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