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A few weeks ago while driving in my car, I saw two people bend down and pick something off the ground. I told my 15 year old that they were probably picking up money off the ground. Sometimes I’ll see a penny and pass it by. Yesterday I decided to pick one up in the pouring rain. It was heads up…..My lucky day I thought to myself. I think I would have still picked it up if it was tails. I placed it in a ziplock bag I have in my car. I have decided to keep adding to the bag. I wonder how long will it take me to fill the bag up? I’ll see how much I have once it is full and then I’ll get a $5.00 food card for Speedway gas station. I have decided to keep those cards handy. I want to do more random acts of kindness this year. I have read blogs lately in which people pay for  coffee for other people.  Well what a way for the cashier to hand someone an envelope with a food gift card and a note from me saying…….. Enjoy your food purchase with this card as you go on your way. You have been the recipient of a RAK. Pass it on. What other ways can you think of to do a little random act of kindness today?

Can you remember the last time you did a random act of kindness? I have done a lot of different random acts. One of my favorites happened at my favorite restaurant. It was Mother’s Day 2007 and I sat down to my favorite skillet breakfast. I watched an elderly lady, a young mother and her new baby eating breakfast. Right then and there I decided to pay for their meal. I wrote something on a 3×5 index card and gave it to the waitress telling her not to give it to them until I had left. I can just imagine how surprised they were to receive a RAK. In this difficult  economic time that we are facing a little random act of kindness goes along way.

All it takes it one little act to make a difference. Dare to be the one to make that difference 

We must be the change, we wish to see in the world.

~ Ghandi

September 2020

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