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My son’s first day of school will be on Tuesday September 2, 2008. Yes God is good. I will be able to take pictures in front of my house of my son. I plan on having my father take pictures of me and my youngest son. I am so glad that the Judge ordered my son to go to school by me. I will be escorted by my father when I take my son to school. I am not supposed to be left unsupervised with my child because of my bipolar depression. Eventually I hope that this will be lifted. With everything that I have been going through, I have made it without any difficulty or breakdown. No matter what type of stunt my ex will try to pull on me I will not break down. There is only one person that is the most important part of our lives. Whether my ex likes it or not we have a son to raise in separate households. I hope that my son will be enriched in his new school. I hope to be able to go to his room parties like any other normal human being. There have been times lately when I have felt like I have been misunderstood. People just don’t quite listen. Especially the rude Walmart pharmacist and the HIPPA issue. Could she tell that I have depression? No I don’t think so. She could probably tell that I have a problem only if my ex told her. I am not worried or concerned about that. I don’t have a visible mark on my face that says I have depression. There are millions of people that have it. My depression makes me who I am…..Just another person with thoughts, feelings and emotions. There is a saying that goes like this….So what, Who cares.

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