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The stength that you will need will come from within. Do not ever feel that I have abandoned you. I am always here to catch you when you fall. I am here to wipe your tears away. I will comfort you only if you let me. Open your heart and soul to me. Pour out your troubles and concerns to me. I hear you calling my name. Do not ask me why do people have to treat you this way. You have allowed this to happen to you. Be strong. Put on your battle armor. I will lead your battle. You will not lose with me by your side. Just believe in my. I have great plans for you my child. I love you so…..Your heavenly father above. 

My precious little one….Have told you how much I love you lately? Have I kissed you gently while you slept. I watch over you day and night. I am your protector and your everlasting source of strength. Have I told you how proud you have made me? Have I hugged you when you were feeling down? I know your every hurt and pain. I am the healing balm that will soothe your hurting soul. Have I told you how happy you make me feel when you call out my name? I am and will always be a part of you. I love you so….Jesus


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